Tarek Mehanna (Abu Sabaya) is on Trial!

 Click here to visit the Official Tarek Mehanna Trial daily news blog.

12 Responses to “Tarek Mehanna (Abu Sabaya) is on Trial!”

  1. فرج الله كربه Says:

    We should all make du’a for his release and spread the word on his case & trial.

    قل الله ينجيكم منها ومن كل كرب

  2. May Allah strenthen you and hasten your release ameen.

    Keep contemplating on why we are tested to walk sinless on the earth and the stronger your test the stronger your faith.

    And remember when Allah loves a person he hastens his punishement in this world.

    May you be among the righteous loved by Allah …Ameen

  3. You will be free soon brother insha’Allah. May Allah hasten your release and may Allah grant you patience and strength ameen.

  4. May Allah reward you and grant you patient. Ameen Ameen Ameen. I really enjoyed your blog MashaaAllah. Extremely beneficial.

  5. Enduring health care strength of a man

  6. Salaam Brothers and Sisters,

    This is a modern world and Islam is for the whole world so why do Muslims today base Islam on 6th Century laws.

    Quran is a dynamic book which gives message to all generations and it has being doing in the past and it will continue in the future. Each generation receives message according to that generation for example in 2013 the lab in Europe found “Higgs Boson” a particle which gives mass to matter, this fact is recorded in the Quran; if you are interested to see that and many social and religious facts in Islam for today then go to this link and pick up free copy of the Latest Most Modern Translation of the Quran;


    Kind regards

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  9. Tareqs girlfriend Says:

    Tareq remember when i had sex with you
    You said you hated islam and and felt alittle evil
    You dropped the quran and said yoh worhip jesus and hats muhammin

    I mean you loved my pussy

    You wanted obama all your life

    Yoy just got nailed for being being a christain inside hating izlaam
    U said you worship hazart obama the mahdi!

  10. Kalsoom tareqs true love Says:

    Lady gaga and madonna were your favorite singers we used to sing the lyrics together but islasm whatever made you go insane! You didnt wanna take zoloft because the stupid quran told you to go quack!

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