The Boy and the Cookie

“…I knew him myself. I knew him, and I don’t say he was from the Children of Isra’il. No! He was from the sons of this land. I knew him personally.

He would weep intensely. He would weep intensely, and he would never have the Qur’an recited in his presence except that he would cry, and become humble and soft. He was an amazing, strange person.

He memorized the Qur’an when he was only twelve! However, he was older due to the Words of Allah and his knowledge of Allah, and I don’t place him higher in status than Allah would.

I tell you about him while I have placed a condition on myself that I don’t tell you other than what I saw with my own eyes. The second condition I placed on myself is that I don’t exaggerate in anything I say about him.

He memorized ‘Sahih Muslim’ with me in two weeks. He memorized ‘Sahih al-Bukhari’ with my third friend – we were three – in two weeks. Do you realize? I didn’t know that he had memorized al-Bukhari, and my friend didn’t know that he had memorized Muslim. He loved sincerity. He always loved as-Sirri as-Saqti. Do you know why as-Sirri as-Saqti in particular? Because as-Sirri as-Saqti used to pay a lot of attention to sincerity.

He was very good in school, and in fact excelled in it. He would only sleep between the time he got home from school until Dhuhr time. After ‘Asr, he would attend halaqahs. After Maghrib, he would attend the lessons of the scholars. After ‘Isha’ until eleven, he would study for school. From eleven – every single day – he would pray all night until Fajr.

I am not exaggerating! He is from our own sons, from our country!

Whenever he would read the Qur’an, he would cry. I would read that when some of the Salaf would read the Qur’an, they would pass out. I know the dispute among the scholars on this, but I have never seen this with my own eyes except from this youth. We would pray the Friday prayer, and the imam would recite: {“And the inhabitants of Hell called out to the inhabitants of Paradise ‘Give us a drop of water!’”} [al-A’raf; 50] And he fell down on his head, and we thought he had died.

We prayed one night at my house. I pretended that I was asleep in order to see what he would do. He came over and motioned with his hand over my eyes (to see if I was awake). He woke up at eleven, and I would sleep and wake up, sleep and wake up – and he would be standing in a rak’ah and I wouldn’t see him go down. He would then bow and I wouldn’t see him come up.

On a different night, he would read the Qur’an. When he got to this verse, in front of me: {“Indeed, it is Hell, taking away the skin of the head!”} [al-Ma’arij; 15-16] he cried and passed out. I woke him up, and he got up and made ablution and prayed. When he got to the verse: {“Indeed, it is Hell, taking away the skin of the head!”} he again cried and passed out. I woke him up, and when he got to it a third time, he recited it and passed out again and didn’t wake up until the call for Fajr prayer.

He would recite the entire Qur’an every three nights in secret while praying at night, and would do so every seven days openly during the day. I am not exaggerating, as he would do this in front of me. And by Allah, he would remember Allah in a single day more than 12,000 times! I counted them myself while sitting with him – 12,000 times! I would ask him: “Why?” He replied: “I don’t want Abu Hurayrah to have done more than me.” He had jealousy, jealousy when it came to worship!

He was only seventeen at the time, when he was at this level!

I didn’t know what to say about him! Whenever he would come across a text to memorize, I would say: “I challenge you to memorize this.” He would say: “Don’t challenge me!” I would try to fire him up, and say: “I challenge you!” The next day, he would come and recite the text to me as if it were just his name. If he made just three mistakes, he would not consider himself to have memorized it. Three mistakes!

This was a person who would repent! If only you knew his sin! I will tell you later what his sin was.

If we lost hope in a youth – we would give da’wah to someone and lose hope in him, we didn’t know, and I am speaking about myself and Allah Knows best about others  – he was someone whose supplication was answered in front of seventeen people who bear witness to this, in more than one incident. If we lost hope in a youth, we would tell him to go and give him da’wah. By Allah, after just two days, this person would be guided. He would walk with him for just two days. The first day, the second day, and he would then be praying in the first row! Whether he was a smoker, a drug user, etc., he would become upright right away by the Permission of Allah. This is blessing! Blessing!

One day, he would pray behind a scholar in the southern region who you know of who would elongate the prayer. So, he would elongate it, following the Sunnah. He would lead the people in prayer, and a man came and hit him on the back with a stick while he was bowing, in front of me. After the prayer, he looked at him and asked: “Why did you hit me?”

He replied: “You have whisperings! You make us pray too long!”

The imam replied: “You are healthy! You are healthy!”

The man replied: “How do you know I’m healthy?”

This youth then raised his hands to Allah – as soon as he raised his hands, my heart stopped – and said: “O Allah, take away his health until he knows its value and prays properly in front of You!” It was the ‘Asr prayer, and I swear by Allah that this man didn’t pray Maghrib with us. He was at home, laying in bed. After a few weeks, I saw him and said: “Fear Allah! The man is at home in bed! I ask you by Allah…” He said: “My brother, I didn’t mean to do this!” I said: “Ask Allah to cure him.” By Allah, the man prayed with us the next prayer!

In the Haram, he would wear thick glasses. I am telling you that this is a repenter from our times! I know him! He is my friend! I am greater than him in age, but he is greater than me. I don’t place him in status higher than where Allah has placed him.

They were in the Haram, and he was wearing glasses, and they bothered him. He said: “I can’t go to Palestine one day with glasses.” So, he went to the well of Zam Zam in front of the people – they were seventeen people – and he took off his glasses, took the Zam Zam water, said: “O Allah, make it a cure for my vision,” and drank it. He then said: “Allah is the Greatest!” and threw the glasses away in front of everyone! They wanted to test him, and they pointed to a clock that nobody could see, they asked him: “Can you tell us what time it is?” He said: “The time is such and such.” Exact! He would read the Qur’an…his vision was returned 100%!

Indeed, it is supplication! “…and if he asks Me, I will Give him.”

The incidents are many, but the time doesn’t permit me to tell them all.

You know, one day I asked him about his sin. When did I ask him? One day, he recited the verse: {“On the day when some faces will be brightened and some faces will be darkened…”} [Al ‘Imran; 106] By Allah, he cried to the point that my heart was as if it was being torn. I said to him: “The Messenger of Allah said: “The worst of people is he who is asked by Allah and is not responded to,” and I ask you by Allah: what makes you cry like this?” I want to cry like him, people! I want to feel the happiness he felt!

He said: “I committed a sin in my life.”

I asked him: “What is this sin?”

Do you know what his sin was? You will laugh at yourself. I will explain it to you. He said: “When I was in second grade, I went into a store and took a cookie and ate it, and the Fire is more deserving of a body that is nurtured on what is forbidden (i.e. because the cookie didn’t belong to him).”

He died. He died, may Allah have Mercy on him, when he was only twenty. He died because of a stray bullet that someone fired accidentally while playing with a weapon. A bullet was accidentally fired and entered the body of this youth, killing him. He died as a righteous person, and I assume him to be such.

He died, and that was it. It was all over.

However, his life didn’t die. And by Allah, were it not the fact that he asked me by Allah to not reveal his name, I would have revealed it…”

[May Allah reward my good friend Muhammad who showed me this clip, and make me, him, and all who read this story like this incredible youth.]

56 Responses to “The Boy and the Cookie”

  1. Subhanallah! Subhanallah!
    May Allah reward my good friend Muhammad who showed me this clip, and make me, him, and all who read this story like this incredible youth.


  2. Asslaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi,

    May Allaah have mercy on that righteous young person. Ameen.

    Allaahumma ij’alna minhum. Innaka Anta Al Samee Al Aleem. Ameen ya Rabbal ‘Aalameen.

  3. What kind of foolishness is this? He remembered Allaah more times in a day than our beloved Rasool? (alayhi salaam) And why wasn’t his name ever mentionedso we can go back and check this with others from his land? This is a fairytale! May Allaah grant us the the success of sticking to the authentic narrations, ameen.


    • AoA brother!

      I don’t know whether this is a fantasy or truth… but we should be careful!!

      Also, I would too, request that authenticity be followed.

      Jazaak Allah Khair!

    • Ishaq, obviously you are ignorant of the fact that the worship of the Tabi’in was known to be quantitatively far more than that of the Companions, and even the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم). The quality is a different story, as the sincerity of the Prophet and the Companions in their worship will never be matched.

      But here, we’re referring to numbers.

      The Prophet never prayed more than eight rak’at at night (plus Witr). So, what about the hundreds of nawafil that Imam Ahmad would pray throughout the day, for example? What about the fact that some of the Salaf would recite the entire Qur’an in a single rak’ah?

      The Prophet never did any of this. So, to consider any story of someone engaging in such an amount of worship as foolishness would mean that we would have to consider most of what was narrated of the Salaf’s worship to also be foolish fairytales, as you put it.

      The other thing is that the speaker you heard in that clip was a direct eyewitness to all of this. So, the issue of narrations, names, authenticity, etc. is irrelevant.

      So, watch your manners and be careful what you call foolish.

      • Abu Sabya, I am also skeptical. There were a people who used to pass out while reciting the Quran in the sahabas time. Ibn Mas’ood(RA) said that he’ll put them at the edge of a cliff and recite Quran to them, and show you that they are liars. Aisha(ra) said that the Quran is more noble than to ruin the minds of man(in refrence to the people who supposedly pass out from reciting qurah).

      • “What about the fact that some of the Salaf would recite the entire Qur’an in a single rak’ah?” Would it not take about 15 hours to recite entire Quran? If midnight were 0000 (12am) and fajr were 0600 (6am), that is a maximum time of 6 hours, and there is no indication that a person should have the salah for 6 hours straight, not to mention that it is not sufficient time to recite even half of Quran (some reciters take about 3 hours to recite al baqarah + al imran).

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yes, don’t get the old style mentality stuck in your head. A fairytale? Is that your response? May Allah allow you to understnad the people of knowledge and the religion in the way it should be understood. His name means nothing. You are not acting like a person on the clear narrations path by asking these questions. Please, before you start accusing people, understand the religion in the manner it should be understood

      • this is the reply to the Ali named person. first of all Ibn Masood(may Allah be Pleased with him) did not say it. it was Imam Muhammad Ibn Sireen(may Allah have Mercy on him) 2nd thing it was concerning if im not mistaken the Sufis. who im thinking pretended and the story this Shaykh here is telling. the guy probably would fall off the wall..

    • I do not believe this story. It is fictional. Rasoolullah (saw) would get angry with imams who elongated prayers.
      649. Abu Mas`ud `Uqbah bin `Amr Al-Badri (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: A man came to the Prophet (PBUH) and said: “I join the morning Salat late because of so-and-so who leads it and prolongs it.” (Abu Mas`ud said): I have never seen the Prophet (PBUH) so angry while giving a speech as he was on that day. He (PBUH) said, “Some of you create hatred among the people against faith. Whoever leads Salat (the prayer), should make it brief because the congregation includes old men and youngsters and those who have some urgent work to do.”
      [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

  4. Subhan Allah… this story is just amazing!!!

    [May Allah reward my good friend Muhammad who showed me this clip, and make me, him, and all who read this story like this incredible youth.]
    Ameen thumma ameen.

  5. Your Brother in Islam Says:

    May Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’aala) forgive his sins and grant him Jannat al Firdous…and help us all to have a life long learning from this story and make us righteous slaves.

  6. Assalam 3alikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barkatuhu,

    Brother Ishaque – we all ask Allah the success to stick to authentic Narrations. However, this is a person that the Sheik knew him self. This isn’t a person who is from the Salaf or from years past.

    Unless you are accusing the Sheik of making this up then that is a different story. Proclaiming that this is a fairytail with no knowledge of the facts is not very smart and nor it is Islamic.

    I ask Allah to guide us to what is good and forgive our sins.

  7. asalamu aleykum..

    mashallaah this is indeed an amazing story..barakallahu feek for sharing it with us..and may allah guide us to follow the same path as our brother may Allah have mercy on him..

  8. Ghazi Hind Says:

    May Allah(swt) grant this brother Jannah. Jazakallah for sharing this story.
    I ask Allah(swt) to guide all of us to the straight path. Ameen.

  9. Who is this shaikh in the clip and please someone explain to me why this righteous brother’s name is never mentioned??? You also may not have read te statements of the sahaabah concerning passing out when the quran was heard as they disliked this and saw it as an exaggeration. We know that the Prophet alayhi salaam mentioned about the khawaarij to the sahaabah that their level of worship would seem far superior but yet he still called them the dogs of the hellfire! Until someone can verfiy for the the shaikh’s name, his minhaj, and who exactly he’s talikng about then I think we need to not criticize for for being cautious of who and from where he takes his knowledge…

    • Ata Allah Says:

      Who are you to ask such questions of an imam? You are the scum of the earth in knowledge compared to him. Until you reach his level, don’t ask such rude questions

      • Ata, that’s very ignorant of you. Ishaque made a good point, he’s right. The sahaba criticized the people who passed out from reciting the Quran. Also, we don’t know this sheikh well enough. So instead of getting angry, show us that he’s a turst worthy scholar or student of knowledge. What books has he published, or sheikh did he study under? What’s his manhaj? etc.

      • That is a very rude thing to say. Brother Ishaque just wanted information. Seeking knowledge is encouraged is Islam, so don’t beat people down like that.

  10. @ Ishaque

    Bro although i do understand some of your concerns i feel that skepticism in this situation is itself an exaggeration. Why must it be mentioned where the shaykh studied from or where he takes his knowledge, he only reported what he saw in this boy; his friend. No one said the boy was a scholar, he was an Aabid studying the dean. Furthermore, only Allah knows what exists in a persons heart and it is not for anyone to judge except Allah or His messenger from wahy. Allah is the best to create.

  11. I truly believe the shaykh, the story of this beautiful youth. It is going to be hard to believe for the people who may not have respect and honour for the shaykhs of this ummah. May Allah grant all of us the tawfeeq to act upon what we say and be like Rasulullah {s.a.w} and his companions nay Allah be please with them all. AMEEN

    • I see nobody can even answer who this shaykh is… Or even if he is a shaykh in the 1st place as no one seems to even know his name. As muslims we name our men. Obviously he’s telling this story to his own people who this said aabid was from, so why is there harm in mentioning is name as if its some big secret! Our scholars are well know like Al-Albaanee, Uthaymeen, Bin Baz, and many others and you never find them relating such things as these or in such a secretive manner. Just because someone has a beard and gutrah doesn’t make him a shaykh! You may disagree but as the salaf said this deen is knowledge so look to who you take knowledge from….. May Allah guide us ameen.

      • >>so why is there harm in mentioning is name as if its some big secret!<<

        If you read till the last line of the translation, you will see why he didn't mention the boy's name.

      • Would you believe the story if you learned of the name? How would a name change anything? If it means so much to you, just call him Abdullah.

      • ya akhi, they are al-albanee, uthaymeen and bin baz…rather they are shaykh al-albanee rahimuhallah, shaykh uthaymeen rahimuhallah, and shaykh bin baz rahimuhallah

  12. lets not make this into a big deal. obviously we know that the story is not from bukhari or muslim or any of the authntic ahadith narrations. But what we have to understand is that if we know the truth then we will know the people of the truth. just like how a inspirational story from us can be believed by many people, likewise this person, lets not then call him shaykh ( does not matter) is sharing a lifestory. believe or not believe no one really cares. but if you can take good morals from the story then you can learn from its goodness, without affirming its truthness. and who knows it is more likely to be true than false. may Allah guide you and me and whole muslim ummah. ameeen

  13. Abu Sabaya, I smell a Madkhali…

    Even a beautiful story about the worship of a righteous youth must only be taken if it comes from ‘al-Albaanee, Uthaymeen and Bin Baaz’ and the word khawarij has to be thrown in as well. Incredible.

  14. لا تضيع الامانة Says:

    ameen to the ad’iyah. Beautiful story, mashaa Allaah :)

  15. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,

    Brother Ishaque do you understood the concept of Ikhlaas or Sincerity? If you did then you would not be too concerned with the name of the person. At the end of the story the Shaykh was asked by the boy not to mention his name so he couldn’t tell anyone his name.

    If some people got to know of the name of this person they would probably worship his grave or something, like many misguided people have and still continue to do.

    Also if someone were to tell you the name of the shaykh narrating the story would you believe it or would you try to contact the Shaykh to verify if it was true?

    Have you not heard the stories of pious people whose du’aas get accepted. Many of them are people whom no one knows about because they keep their deeds a secret in order to prevent any showing off.

    Please read this article if you get a chance:

  16. abo faress Says:

    this is shiek محمد بن سعد بقنه الشهراني he is a scholar from saudia arabic and a lecturere the open islamic academy that is part of al Majd channel which is a very well known and respected academy in saudia arabia and arab countries. he has lectures on he follows the 3aqeedah of ahl an sunnah wa al jama3ah. btw , if u read the way that al bukharii and muslm and imam ahmed used to worship u would not be so surprised by this. even shiekh al albany he memoried almost a 100,000 hadiith. this just sound extreme because we are not used to this type of abaadah in our time unfortunetly, but if we take some time to read about the rightous people of the salaf we will find so many examples of this.

  17. asalamualaykum
    mashalalh this was a good story, may allah have mercy on the boy

    but it is true that some of the salaf did not approve of fainting and reading the quran, because the shaba had softer hearts and never fainted,

    allah knows best

  18. Amtaullah Says:

    Assalamualikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu,
    Jazakallahu Khairan Brother Abu Sabaya for posting something so beautiful and beneficial. May Allah subhanahu wa taa’ala grant the young boy Jannah tul Firdous and Allahumma ameen to all the Dua’as.

    Brother, would you happen to know what year this took place? If not, then it is alright Insha’Allah. I am asking because someone else asked me.

    Jazakallahu Khair
    May Allah Taa’ala bless you with the best in this life and better in the hereafter for spreading beneficial stuff. Aameen.

  19. Jannah Ayazi Says:

    WOW alhamdulillah that’s such as amazin story, i guess people need to remember that our Lord is truly merciful and loving towards us, and we should show him the appreciation that he deserves, even though we can never repay him for all he has provided s with!!!

  20. subhanallah may allah have mercy on us all

  21. This is indeed an eye-opener for us all. If we compare our ‘ibadah to the salaf, it is insignificant, yet we are capable of competing with each other in order to do more and more. This story is a perfect reminder which I hope we will all take on board. May Allaah SWT give us the tawfeeq to repent from our sins and follow up a bad deed with a good deed. Ameen.

  22. abu salih Says:

    salam. Brother what a beautiful story, may Allah reward u for posting this. I found another story, please have a look:

  23. assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

    May Allah swt give you and your family and hasten your release as well as that of the rest of your family, ameen.

  24. I hope you imitate this brother, as you go through this trial Abu Sabaya.

  25. Amatullah Says:

    Assalaamualikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu
    May Allah (swt) have mercy on you and your family. May Allah Taa’ala bestow you with patience and hasten your release. Allahumma Aameen.


  26. SubhaanAllah! Inspiring!
    May Allah grant this brother the Jannah, aameen

  27. Jazakhallah khair Brother for sharing this. very inspirational. May Allah(swt) hasten your release, protect your family and reward you abundantly. Ameen.

  28. Subhan Allah… this story is just amazing!!!

    [May Allah reward my good friend Muhammad who showed me this clip, and make me, him, and all who read this story like this incredible youth.]
    Ameen thumma ameen.

  29. Can any one translate this video “Abu Sali’h” has posted in here? Please… I need to know that.

  30. Dr Husam Abulula Says:

    Professional translation with video can be found on:

  31. Dr Husam Abulula Says:

    I hope you will help spreading this wonderful clip. May Allah reward all efforts

  32. Masha Allah, I cant assure myself I read, “I am telling you that this is a repenter from our times!” this line, I read again n again to make sure this was about a boy from this ties…..Alhamthulillah…would that I be like him in his eeman….would that my children be like him in eemaan….subhanallah…and he was dead when young, when doing so much good a’mals…masha Allah…I dont know why I feel so isolated suddenly….may Allah forgive all his sins and give him the most beautiful things of Jannah. Aameen.

  33. i feel insuficient, i feel that i will never be as good as him, i strugle with the most easiest things, oh Allah forgive me for my sins and my weaknesses, im afraid of giving you false excuses and having sincerity

  34. my life is so full of things that mean nothing but are yet difficalt to abandon, i wish i had the time and patience and sincerity to be as good as him, i wish i could push myself futher without fear of sacrifice,how can i ever be happy with what i send foward knowing that there are others so pious. Allah answer my duas and make me as pious or more pious than him.

  35. I hope you will help spreading this wonderful clip, It is great

  36. I like this clip, he is very strong

  37. ismaila abdullhadi Says:

    asalam, may the peace of allah be with, where did the boy came from, i mean his country. It is very regretable to lost a very young scholar at this tenderly age

  38. Kalsoom khaan haroon some spanish girl Says:

    Foooo you think trump is going to tge already gift box of yours in america
    They shoot you all before 2039

    Before izlaam me young black girl!

  39. My baby Abu sabaya a wrong party came after you left
    After you left people went astray…

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