Better than a Martyr’s Blood

The Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said:

“By the One in Whose Hand my soul is, the breath of the fasting person is more pleasant with Allah than the smell of musk.”

In ‘Fath al-Bari’ (4/138), Ibn Hajar commented:

“What can be gained from this is that the fasting person’s breath is better than the blood of a martyr. This is because the martyr’s blood was likened to the smell of musk,* while the fasting person’s breath was described as being even better than the smell of musk. And this doesn’t necessitate that fasting is better than shahadah, for obvious reasons…”

* In a hadith reported by al-Bukhari and Muslim

11 Responses to “Better than a Martyr’s Blood”

  1. Huh, was just wondering when reading the words, but thought subhanAllah who am I to doupt in schoolars words.

    So, good that he added it by him self may Allah have mercy on him

  2. heart4allah Says:

    Subhana’allah… Just Imagine those who are Martyr’s while fasting……..

  3. Imagine those who are martyr’s while fasting while being a sahabi and a khalifah and being married to two daughters of rasool Allah (SAW)- Uthman ibn Affan

  4. akhi, abu sabaya, could you add your comment to the original post as a note. People are going to put the post on their blog without the comment of Ibn hajar and this may cause some problems for muslims, thinking that shahada and qital are less important than fasting or even unworthy of their time.

  5. ^ I’d second that bro, I too think you should add the rest of al-Hafidh’s words to the original post.

  6. Add the original arabic quote too:

    أن الخلوف أعظم من دم الشهادة لأن دم الشهيد شبه ريحه بريح المسك , والخلوف وصف بأنه أطيب , ولا يلزم من ذلك أن يكون الصيام أفضل من الشهادة

    Wasalaam : )

  7. Subhan Allah!

  8. Salaafeeyyaah Says:

    there is no jihad today

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