Qur’an in Ramadan: Read or Memorize?

Q: What is better in Ramadan – to recite the Qur’an by reading visually or to work on memorization?

A: Your priority is to read the entire Qur’an visually, while also preserving what you have already memorized in order to avoid forgetting it. This is because the entire Qur’an is beneficial for the person to read, as the reader will come across all of the Words of Allah and benefit from the rulings and stories that are contained in its verses. You’ll miss out on all this if you limit yourself only to the chapters that you’d memorize.

By limiting yourself to the specific chapters you memorize, you’ll benefit from them in that your attachment to them will grow. However, this isn’t something you’ll miss out on if you do it at another time because you can recite what you’ve memorized at home, at the mosque, or anywhere else you go.

So, your priority is to make sure you read the entire Qur’an, and then put in extra effort in regards to what you had been memorizing.


7 Responses to “Qur’an in Ramadan: Read or Memorize?”

  1. zanjabeel Says:

    When I read this post it made me remember just how devine it is to be given the ability to read the irresistabe Quran and to be given the most Gracious gift of all Hidayah , Jazakillah Khayr ukhi
    Alhumduillah Rabil Alaimeen we are the most fortunate of Allahs creation may we be humble submitting slaves and work sincerely to obtain Allahs Pleasure for the betterment of the ummah and ofcourse ourselves
    May this Ramadan be from the sweetest of delights and fruitful to all who’s intention is to make Allahs Word Upmost in the Lands

  2. what’s the ruling for those who don’t know arabic but know the meaning of some specific chapter?

    • You are rewarded for reading the Qur’an in Arabic even if you don’t know the meaning of what you’re reciting.

      Also keep in mind that you can easily obtain a copy of the Mushaf that has the English translation side by side with the Arabic text, allowing you to read the Arabic and know the meaning.

      This Ramadan is a good chance to practice learning Arabic. Get yourself accustomed to reading the words, listening to the sounds later that night in Tarawih, etc.

      So, try your best to read the Arabic, as there is much to be gained from doing so.

  3. Jazaak Allah khayr. Thought to mention something my Qur’an teacher passed on in r/g to this topic.

    GOAL: How to recite the Qur’an completely 3 times in Ramadan

    30 Juzz (for each recitation) x 3 = 90 Juzz (total amount) / 30 days of Ramadan = 3 Juzz of Qur’an recitation daily.

    Also keep in mind the rewards :)

    For each letter of Qur’an: 10 hasanat (as minimum) x 70 (extra reward b/c of Ramadan) = 700 hasanat per letter x 450 (letters per page on average) = 315, 000 hasanat per page x 20 (pages per juzz) = 6,300,000 hasanat per juzz x 3 = 18, 900, 000 hasanat per day x 30 (days of Ramadan) = 567, 000,000 hasanat from Qur’an recitation.

    May Allaah help us to reach Ramadan and to complete the Qur’an 3 times this Ramadan – with the correct recitation and may He also help us to reflect and implement every verse we recite.

  4. subhanAllah, we can also recite some Quran in-between resting after evry 4 rakats or so for taraweeh salaahs. if you read 20 rakats, after every 4 rakats you could read about 4/5 ppages, which shouldn’t be that hard to do, so times that by 4 = 20/25 pages (approx Juz). and if you pray taraweeh every night for 30 nights in Ramadan, that equals to reading 30 juz, ie 1 Quran through taraweeh salaaah without any effort whatsoever.

    if you read around 11 rakats, then after every 4/3 rakats, r however you pray it, you can stop to read around 7 pages each ime, times that by 3 = 21 pages, (again, approx Juz), so you’ll still finish at least one Quran during the nights… but what about during the day? HOw much Qurans will you plan to complete this Ramadan? Imam Shafi used to recite 60 Quran every ramadan… subhanAllah, can any of us achieve that this ramadan, with khushoor?

  5. The predecessors of this ummah would recite the Qur’an constantly during Ramadan And when they would fast, they would sit in the masaajid and say: “We will guard our fast and not backbite anyone.”

    They would recite the Qur’an in their prayer and out of it. ‘Uthmaan (radiallaahu anhu) would complete the recitation of the (whole) Qur’an once a day. And some of the Salaf would complete it during their qiyaam in Ramadan every three nights. Some of them would do it every seven days and some every ten days.

    Ash-Shaafi’ee would complete the Qur’an sixty times during Ramadan, while reciting it outside of prayer. Al-Aswad would recite the whole Qur’an every two nights of Ramadan Qataadah would always compete the Qur’an every seven days. He would do it every three days in Ramadan, and during the last ten days, he would do it every night. Their reports concerning that are famous.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Allahu Akbar

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