True Men Are Known in Times of Hardship

“…Those who gave Bay’at ar-Ridwan beneath the tree at Hudaybiyah were 1,400 men. When was this? It was in Dhu al-Qi’dah 6 AH. When the treaty was solidified and Quraysh stood aside and held back from fighting the Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه و سلم), only then did people begin entering Islam, as they had previously been afraid of Quraysh. So, Quraysh had a treaty with the Messenger of Allah and held back from fighting him, and waves of people saw this as their chance to become Muslims even if Quraysh didn’t like this. So, they became Muslims. Those who came did so 21 months after the Treaty of Hudaybiyah. What happened after this? The conquest of Makkah. Those who came to conquer Makkah with the Messenger were 10,000. This means that how many people had become Muslim in the time leading up to this? At least 8,500 or 8,600 in the two years of peace had decided to enter Islam.


There are people in society who like you. However, they will not dare to help you if the government is angry with you. Isn’t this so?

Believe me, during the time that Egypt was unleashing its wrath on Sayyid Qutb and his family, nobody was able to lend them even a single dirham at a time when the women in the family could not even afford the cost of their weekly visits to Sayyid and Muhammad Qutb. They wouldn’t dare. I heard them saying: “The people have cut themselves off from us. We went to some people to borrow money from, our friends. They said “We don’t know you. Don’t come to us, and we won’t come to you.””

…So, as a da’i, if you stand up to the government, the only ones who will stand by you are those who are ready for death or some sort of sacrifice. True men are known in times of hardship. No da’i will stand by you unless he is willing to give up his family, children, wealth, and job…So, nobody will stand by you in harsh circumstances except true men, and they are few – men who live by their beliefs and have principles they stick to.

When the Messenger made the pact with Quraysh, over 8,500 became Muslim in the less than two years that followed. And when Quraysh was defeated in Ramadan of 8 AH and Hawazin was defeated after them in Shawwal of 8 AH, only then did the delegations begin coming to Hunayn from all corners of the Arabian Peninsula to enter Islam in waves: {“When the victory of Allah and the conquest comes, and you see the people enter Allah’s Religion in waves.”} [an-Nasr; 1-2]

So, during difficult circumstances in which you are confronting the massive jahiliyyah around you, don’t expect people to accept your call. None will accept it except those are are prepared to sacrifice everything they own, even their lives.

Quraysh and Hawazin were finished in the 8th year AH. Two years later, in the 10th year AH, the Prophet made Hajj along with 124,000 people. How many were there during the conquest of Makkah? There were 10,000. This means that in the two years between the two, there were 114,000 who became Muslim. However, the core of this society and its essence and foundation and nucleus was the mere thousand who participated at Uhud or the 1,400 who witnessed Bay’at ar-Ridwan. These, if they were to have been removed them from the picture, the entire society would’ve collapsed.

Because of this, the governments are smart when they fight Islam. They are very smart. They don’t come and kill everyone and have this held against them. Rather, they come and remove the five, six, or seven leaders who are the nucleus and essence and solid foundation and kill them off. While they only took out six, they really took out an entire ummah by taking out these six! {“Indeed, Ibrahim was a nation unto himself…”} [an-Nahl; 120]

And how often is one man equal to a thousand * And how often are a thousand men equal to none…”

[‘Fi Dhilal Surat at-Tawbah’; p. 50-54]

9 Responses to “True Men Are Known in Times of Hardship”

  1. Abu Yaasir Says:

    Yes, the enemies of Allaah will try to take out the few who are the nucleus of the Muslim Ummah, but can they even do that? No, Not in a million years. Yes they might be able to eliminate the likes of Hamzah, Mus’ab, and Anas or the likes of Sayyid and so many who are the shining stars of humanity. But never will they be able to completely eliminate the few who are the backbone of this blessed Ummah. Iblees and his army will live with fear and worry as long as there is طائفة علي الحق منصورة. May Allaah make us among that group.


  2. naeemcoza Says:

    subhanallah. Reading this i remember that saying of ibn Taymiyyah that went similar to this

    What can my enemies do to me? I have in my breast both my heaven and my garden. If i travel they are with me, never leaving me. Imprisonment for me is a chance to be alone with my Lord. To be killed is martyrdom and to be exiled from my land is a spiritual journey

  3. I am happy to find another blogger who knows about Sayyid and Muhammad Qutb.

    Muhammad Qutb says the mistake of Imam ash-Shaheed Hasan Al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb was that they started preaching to the public and made the governments angry without first taking the time to train a number of devout followers who’d carry on their message.

    Imam Hasan Al-Banna has half a million followers in Egypt, but when things went wrong, almost everyone disappeared.

    Of course they still made huge contributions to the Ummah. But it could have been much better.

  4. Umm Ruqayya Says:

    “And how often is one man equal to a thousand *”

    Reminds me on the case with our beloved Prophet salAllahu alejhi we Sellem and Abd’Allah ibn Ummi Maktum radi Allahu anh, indeed his eyes were blind, but his heart saw more than the ones who could use their eye sight. And we know the story about this blind sahab and our Prophet salAllahu alejhi we Sellem

    Sometimes the one who is in hardship does not recognize that one individual that is amongst all thousand, despite that one is/was “pulling” his shirt, he (the one in hardship) even now rejects every form of help, support, etc

    Allah is testing bouth, the one who is in need, and the one who is offering him self

    This comment is in particular about the quoted words above, not the whole post

  5. zanjabeel Says:

    Asalamu Alaikum wrwb Abu Yasir Ameen, Quran club , this was the Qadr of Allah swt ] those that diidn’t support our noble brothers were replaced later by ones that have and will support our noble brothers of today , we might still be few in number but we DO appreciate their words and live by their example insha’Allah and their contribution is affecting our hearts now , maybe Im too optimistic, but these words of these great men are changing the very fabric of the ummah now Alhumduillah

  6. In need of your prayers Says:

    Assalamu alaiykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakatuh,
    Please brothers and sisters, pray for me so that Allah Accepts my prayers and Purifies my intentions and Gives me strength to act upon my intention.
    May Allah Grant all of you Jannatul Ferdous and a place under His Throne, insha Allah. Aameen.

  7. IUnknown Says:

    very nice article indeed mashALLAH.

  8. Yusaf Tashfeen Says:

    Masha’Allah,words of wisdom, men like lions. We have examples today of men who do not waiver a millimetre in their faith and reliance on Allah
    (SWT). As they say, Victory is with Allah and so is defeat. The Taliban and other Mujahideen in Iraq, Chechnya, Afghanistan and other parts of the world are testimony to this and lets not forget our brave sisters on the front lines and in the ranks of the warriors.

    Remember them in your duaas always.

  9. Great reminder.

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