The Secret in Having Your Supplication Answered

“…And I often find that people supplicate with certain prayers and have their prayers answered, and they couple their supplication with their neediness and turning towards Allah, or a good deed they carried out that caused Allah to respond to this supplication out of gratitude for this good deed, or they happened to supplicate at a time in which it is more likely to be accepted, etc. So, his supplication was answered because of this.

One might think that the secret was in the specific wording of his supplication, and might therefore approach it simply from this angle while ignoring all of these other things that were coupled with it by the person supplicating. This is like someone who uses beneficial medicine at its proper time and in the proper manner and it benefits him as a result, and someone else thinks that simply using this medicine regardless of these other factors will bring about the same benefit. This person is wrong, and this is where many people fall into error.

An example of this is when a needy person supplicates near a grave. So, the ignorant one thinks that the secret of his supplication being answered lies in this grave, and he doesn’t know that the real secret is in his neediness and full dependence on Allah. So, if this happens in a House from the Houses of Allah, this would be better and more beloved to Allah.

And supplications and prayers of refuge are like weapons, and a weapon is only as effective as the one using it, not just based on how sharp it is. So, as perfect and flawless a weapon is, as strong as the arm is that is using it, as much as there is nothing to nullify its effectiveness – the more damaging it will be against the enemy. And whenever one of these three elements is absent, the effect will be held back.

So, if the supplication itself is not good, or the one supplicating does not have both his heart and tongue present when making it, or there is some element present to prevent it from being answered, it will have no effect…”

[‘ad-Da’ wad-Dawa”; p. 40-41]

9 Responses to “The Secret in Having Your Supplication Answered”

  1. Abu Abdillaah Says:

    as-Salamu ‘alayk akhi al-karim

    Jazak Allah khayr for this, really a perfect time for me to be reading this. :)

    Allah protect you.

  2. Nice entry.. Amin..



  4. Umm Ruqayya Says:


    As Salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh

    I just would like to advice me before anyone else, and then everyone else, to increase secret good deeds as much as possible. Those that only u and Allah do know about, and to fear the sins we commit secretly. just and even more over the ones we commit pubicly

    And never ever to close our hands and let them down (leaving the supplication for some need) Because it could be that right in that moment when we stopped rising our hands to Allah, our supplication was about to be answered but we “broke up the bond”

  5. Umm Turaab Says:

    Great article again. The Prophet (may peace be upon him) said in a hadeeth: ”Ask Allaah everything, about every matter, even if you need new laces for your shoes.” (This is a hadeeth Saheeh)

  6. As Salaamu Alaikum,
    As example of our ever-present need of Allah…Prophet Ayyub (A) gathered the golden locusts even after Allah, the Merciful had restored him abundantly even better than before. When Prophet Ayyub responded as to why, he simply said, “Truly I am not without need of blessings from my Lord.” Amin. Subhan Allah, it is truly part of our worship to recognize our dependency upon our Creator, Allah, the Al Mighty.

  7. Slave of Allah Says:

    JazakAllah Khair!!

    I was listening to one of the lectures of Shaykh Mohammed Araifi of Saudia,his lecture was about dua.The summary of his lecture were three points:
    1.Dua should be considered as Ibadah(worship) and just like any oder worship it is rewarded for teh mere act of it..whether they get accepted or not you will get reward for it,so we should make duas for the sake of reward not only for the sake of aquiring a need.

    2.According to hadith of Prohpet Mohammed sallalahu alaihi wasalaam..the result of dua can be of 3 when the dua is raised it z straight away accepted…or..second..when the dua is raised it will push away any harm that would have befallen will not be accepted in dunya in the way you want but rather wud be transformed into rewards in the hereafter(I ask Allah subhanahu watalaa to make us among the people of Jannah)…a sahabi commented that tht means oh Prophet that we shud make lots of dua..the Prophet said teh companion said then i pray that none of my duas are accepted in dunya so tht they are given to me in akhira…

    3.We should make dua irrelevant of whether it gets acceptd or not…we shouldn’t b disappointed with Allah and give up juzt cuz He is not accepting our dua..infact it is our job to ask and His to everyone should play their role..

    and Allah knows best..


  8. jannah4mumin Says:

    Jazak’Allah Khair. May Allah Taa’ala grant you firmness and steadfastness upon the Haqq. May He raise you in ranks and allow you to be with those you love in this life and in the Akhira. Allahumma Aameen.

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