Ghayrah for Islam Has Become a Deficiency

“…It is a disaster that your heart dies without you noticing. It is as if you say: ‘O Lord! How often I rebel against You without you punishing me for it!’ And He replies: ‘How often I punish you without you even noticing! Haven’t I removed the life from your heart?’

The death of the heart, the lack of reaction to the Shar’i texts, that your face doesn’t become red for the sake of Allah…that’s it. Your heart is dead. It no longer pumps blood. In fact, this has now become something shameful. It has now become blameworthy for one to have zeal and to react strongly when he sees some corruption or evil in front of him. This is now considered a deficiency of the many deficiencies that can exist in one’s character. People will say that you are a poor guy who is quick to get charged up, or that you are passionate, or that you are zealous, or that you are rash, or that you are a fundamentalist, etc. Yes! It is now something blameworthy!

…Yes, and this is why we now use these terms without realizing what we’re saying. This person is too simple-minded, this person is too passionate, that person is a fanatic, easily charged up, zealous, etc. And is this religion given victory by mere reason, or is it given victory by zeal and passion? Reason tells you: how can you stand against Russia? Malik bin Nabi said that the index finger of Bilal that was raised to the sky saying ‘Ahad, Ahad (He is One, He is One)’ was not the voice of reason. Rather, this was the voice of emotion, because reason would tell him to deceive Umayyah bin Khalaf and then come at night and renew his Islam with Muhammad.

Someone once said to me:  “Brother, we shouldn’t be so open with everything we say. I sat for two years in an office without my coworker knowing my mindset.” So, I said to him: “May Allah ease your affairs. This means that for two years, you didn’t speak a single word encouraging good or forbidding evil because if you had spoken, he would have known your mindset?” And he considers this to have been cleverness on his part!

The cowards think that cowardliness is intelligence * This is the deception of the wicked soul…”

[‘Fi Dhilal Surat at-Tawbah’; p. 223]

20 Responses to “Ghayrah for Islam Has Become a Deficiency”

  1. shabaabAhad Says:

    AsSalaam Alaikum

    I am one of those idiots who shout on the internet, “how can I go….”. the comment is removed, for valid reasons though. but the zeal is not. i find myself to be among those who are forced to live here, see the kufr and fawahish every day around me, my ears become red, my eyes shed tears asking my Lord, “show me a way out of here”. “take me to the lands You have blessed and to the people You have blessed”. Is this the gheerah for alIslam?

    I am one of those immature idiots, who keep asking, and the comments keep getting removed. HasbunAllaah wa ni’mal Wakeel.

  2. TheBlackBanner Says:

    Salam alaiykum
    Brother, where can I get the english translation of ‘Fi Dhilal?

  3. wasalaam

    if fi dhilal is is the tafseer of sayyed qutub then it can be purchased from book stores and the internet, or you can wait till its released as an e-book pdf file by

  4. ‘Alaykum as-Salam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh;

    Sayyid Qutb’s ‘Fi Dhilal al-Qur’an’ is not the same as ‘Fi Dhilal Surat at-Tawbah’ by ‘Abdullah ‘Azzam, and the latter has not been translated into English so far as I know.

  5. Shaheda (in shaa Allah !) Says:

    Like a ray of sunlight on the yellow wilted leaves of the plant that is me, my heart !
    Jazaakallahu khairun for this priceless blog.
    Fee amaanillah

  6. abusalih Says:


    Brother wot is the next book you will publish, are you workin on one at the moment. av read the ones out so far.

  7. Ibn Jafar Says:

    shabaabAhad brings up a good point. Living in the West in general, America in specific, how can we have this ghayrah? When we pay taxes, pass crusaders in the street and see ‘support the troops’ bumper stickers on every car? And this is just limited to what has to do with the war against our religion, let alone the general evil that we are bombarded with on a constant basis. If we were to take the Shaikh’s words to heart, to the logical conclusion, we would all be on the first flight, or ship, or row boat out. Don’t you agree?

    …so for those of us who don’t have the ability to leave, what shall we do (in terms of ghayrah)?

    Your thoughts Abu Sabaya?

  8. Leaving or staying had little to do with the point of this article. Rather, the message was that a true Muslim will not remain silent when he sees any type of corruption or evil that shouldn’t be there.

    There is plenty you can do right where you live when it comes to expressing your ghayrah.

    Just to give a practical example, there are many youth in our localities who might drink alcohol, use drugs, have illicit relations outside of marriage, and whatnot. Isn’t that something you can go to them and address? Tell them what they’re doing is wrong, and there is a better alternative to living their lives. Keep at it, get them close to the masjid, and you might eventually change them for the better. Isn’t this something that all of us can do? Many might remain silent and complacent, but isn’t it your ghayrah over Islam that drove you to want to change this?

    Another example is for people to address how Muslims are being persecuted, to encourage nearby Muslim communities to help such people by visiting them in prison, writing them letters, showing up at their hearings, etc. Many might remain silent and complacent, but isn’t it your ghayrah over Islam that drove you to want to change this?

    If you have wives, sisters, or daughters who don’t wear proper Hijab, you should address that with them, and work to change that. Many might remain silent and complacent, but isn’t it your ghayrah over Islam that drove you to want to change this?

    And the examples are countless. So, we can be active in bringing about positive change and not be silent accomplices no matter where we are or who we’re around. The choice is ours, as Allah did not reveal a religion that is impossible to apply.

    That was the message of the article.

  9. Ibn Jafar Says:

    “…as Allah did not reveal a religion that is impossible to apply.”

    Thanks for the clairifacation…

  10. Abu Sabaya: May Allaah preserve you and the likes of you, ameen!

  11. Ghurabaa Says:


    Allahu Akbar!

    Jazakallahu khair .

  12. zanzabeel Says:

    This is such an important and necessary subject Jazakillah Khayr
    Rasulullah saws) advised us ; Allah swt) has chosen for you a religion which is easy comforting open and withouth narrowness.
    At Targhib wa -( a) t -Tarhib
    Allah will not find me weak and incapable but will find me searching for the rewards of the mujahid —Abu Bakr ra) close to his death

    In the Jahaliyyah society there is a simple way to do this
    Abu Hurairah ra) narrated the Prophet saws) said ” The one who looks after a widow or a poor person is like a mujahid who fights for Allahs cause or like him who performs prayers all night and fast all day
    Whats the point of having a ummah , if we all just look after our own interest.
    Beware of Jahaliyyah society it dulls the senses and turns one into useless human beings Deviod of any sense of justice or responsibility we have to our brothers and sisters to the elderly and the young unfortunate ones to those in our ummah who are suffering and need support, this is the kaffur way not the sunnah way
    May Allah swt) instill in our hearts and minds the essence of a fruitfull life Islamic Ghirah for a silent one will be asked about their silence on the day of Qiyamah and an inactive one will only lose

  13. abusalih Says:


    Brother Abu Sabayah, i really enjoy reading the articles you translate and put up on this website. I have read the books that you have translated, and wanted to ask, firstly what do you translate : do you translate just talks and articles that you feel is interesting or other reasons.

    Secondly, are you currently working on translating a book, if so could you let us know what its about. JazakAllah. Also, Where can we read more on similar topics, and which websites are good to go on that provide good reading material giving you comprehensive understanding of islam.

    Lastly, Which books would you say inspired you the most, I like Milestones, but havent finished reading all of it yet. I really hope you could answer this, so i get a guidance as to what books to read. jazakallah

  14. abusalih Says:


    Brother abu sabayah i request it if you could please answer my question and give me some advice on what books are best to read. please refer to my previous comment, just making sure you dont accidently overlook my comment, i dont mean to annoy you in any way, if you have already read it. I would really really appreciate if you could reply. jazakallah

  15. ‘Alayk as-Salam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh;

    I choose based on the benefit of the writing itself, not necessarily because of the author or book it was taken from.

    I haven’t decided on a book to translate as of yet. However, I’ll have one in the near future, in Sha’ Allah.

    As for what books to read, if you’ve read ‘Milestones,’ you should then move onto ‘Fi Dhilal al-Qur’an.’ Of course, this should be in addition to your regular, daily recitation of the Qur’an itself.

  16. JazaakiAllaah khayr brother. That article gave the answer I was looking for a long time. Your blog is very beneficial, may Allaah bless you.

  17. jazakAllahu khairan

  18. Wow, subhanallah, there’s undoubtedly a true wisdom that shines from the words of the likes of these authors and scholars. I mean I’m sure we could’ve said the same same thing (and many of us say similar stuff), but the same words coming from pure hearts makes a real impact- just like the Sahabah procaimed the same words we read an spread daily, but the result is incomparable.




  20. Salams All
    Very interesting article. There is a new trend here where i live in the west among muslims and it upsets me alot. Many muslim guys now take drugs openly and are addicted and have tattoos and rings on their ears….and the muslim girls have become worse. Many here have the scarf but wear very tight tights……like the ones women train at the gym with……..some wear knee lenght skirts and have scarfs….and some also commit adultery with non believing men because supposedly they are better than us muslim men and are more open minded……….many of their fathers have beards…….i would rather be nothing or just a peice of grass or a piece of animal shit that live in an age where muslims are living like scums and are treated as scums

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