“My loved ones, accept my greetings…”


My loved ones, accept my greetings * Visiting over you like the clouds;

My soul awakens and sleeps with you * Accompanying you even if I am afar;

I fly with my aspirations and strengthen my resolve * The youth who lived in the shade of the Qur’an;

My concerns still stand over them * My youthfulness is still their subject of discussion and chat;

I love to travel with them when our destination is * The House of Allah, with amazing enthusiasm;

I love their weeping out of love for Him at the ends of the night * When the stars become concealed;

I love to see them in honor * Like the petals of a rose in the midst of uncultivated land;

I love their racing towards loftiness * I love their firmness despite the difficulties;

I love to see from them callers to Allah * Guiding lights for the youth;

Bringing life back to every heart * Drowning in the waves of misery;

Greetings from me, to the pillar of my heart * Like the blossoming flowers on the peaks of the mountains

My greetings, whenever a morning comes * Returning to me after its absence…

[Sung by Abu Rayyan]

14 Responses to ““My loved ones, accept my greetings…””

  1. murdiyyah Says:

    assalam alaikum

    this is so beautiful, is there a way I may get this in mp3?

  2. ‘Alayk as-Salam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh;

    Here you go: http://www.aborayan.com/cms/audio/mp3/ahebbaei.mp3

  3. murdiyyah Says:

    jazaa kullah khair

  4. Masha Allah! I just scrolled down to ask that exact question about the MP3 but murdiyyah beat me to it! JazakAllahu Khair for posting! Just Beautiful!

  5. Assalamu ‘alaykum warahmatullah akhi al-kareem

    Can you please tell me how you embedded the nasheed in your blog? That’s exactly what I wanted for my blog, but I never figured out how to do it.

    And since you seem to have diversified into anasheed as well, can you please check the translations on mine, may Allah have mercy on you.

    The nasheed is beautiful, mashallah. Barakallahu feek, wasalaamu ‘alaykum.

  6. Umm Ishaaq Says:

    Jazaakum Allaah Khayr akhee al kareem. Beautiful nasheed!

  7. ‘Alaykum as-Salam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh;

    Sumoodan, to embed audio in your blog, find a link to the mp3 file and place it in the [audio paste link here] HTML format. For example, for the nashid in this post, you would write [audio http://www.aborayan.com/cms/audio/mp3/ahebbaei.mp3%5D in the post, making sure there is a space between the word ‘audio’ and your link.

  8. A Submitting Slave Says:

    ma’assalaam…SubhaanAllah, I’ve been well beaten for the link. Jazaakumullahu Khayran.
    I’m enjoying your blog, MaashaaAllah you’re doing a great job.

    fee amaanillah.

  9. jzk good stuff bruv


  10. jazaka Allah kolla 5air

  11. Excellent site, keep up the good work

  12. Asalaamualaikum

    Kindly email these beautiful Nasheeds to me in Mp3 format.

    May ALLAH reward you. A’meen.


    • Bint AbdelHamid Says:

      Wa alaikum assalam. Brother, look at the comments for these anasheed posts. You’ll find someone posted the link for the both of the anasheed you were asking about.

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