The Woman in the Locked House

In ‘Mashari’ al-Ashwaq’ (2/239), Ibn an-Nahhas related from Abu Bakr bin al-‘Arabi:

“Some of the rulers had made a pact with the disbelievers that they would not hold any prisoners. So, a Muslim man one day travelled near their lands and passed by a locked house. He could hear a woman calling from inside the house: “I am a prisoner! Tell your companions about me!”

When he went back and told the people about this woman, the ruler did not even let him finish the story. He immediately got up and walked on foot to the frontlines until he freed this woman and conquered the area where she had been held captive.”

3 Responses to “The Woman in the Locked House”

  1. uncoveredtreasures Says:

    great blog you’ve got here also. keep it up!

  2. zanzabeel Says:

    Sabhan Allah , yes this is a very beneficial site Alhumduillah , Jazakillah Khayr
    now unfortuneatly we live in a time when a muslim woman of taqwa is treated as a nobody of importance may Allah save our sisiters who are really locked up and the sisters struggling with only Allah as their support because our brothers have decided to become spoilt girls , no offence to the few real men of Honour out there may they increase and grow and spread like the strong lushious grip of Ivy

  3. Abu Maryam Says:


    This is very pertinent, considering how our rulers have betrayed sister Afia

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