How Islam Came To Afghanistan

…So, this area that we are in, Afghanistan, was subject to Persian Magian rule…Badakhshan, the northern provinces, Juzjan, etc. all the way to Takhar and Herat. Khurasan was part of the Persian empire, and Bukhara and Samarqand were all part of the Persian empire. How did ‘Uthman conquer it?

Do you not see me guided after I was misguided * And I became a soldier in the army of Ibn ‘Affan?

So, all of these areas were conquered in the era of ‘Uthman, and ‘Abd ar-Rahman bin Samurah conquered Kabul during the era of either ‘Umar or ‘Uthman. In the ‘Sunan’ of Abu Dawud, it says: “‘Abd ar-Rahman bin Samurah narrated to us in Kabul.” So, ‘Abd ar-Rahman bin Samurah conquered Kabul during the era of ‘Umar or ‘Uthman, may Allah be Pleased with them both.

None of the populations that were conquered by the Muslims ever rebelled or resisted them except the people of Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan are very stubborn, and it is not an easy task to make them submit. So, the Muslims conquered it during the era of ‘Umar, and this was followed by a rebellion from some of the tribes and the expulsion of the Muslims, and the Muslims had to return later on and conquer Afghanistan a second time.

If the Afghans become convinced of an idea or belief, they are known to cling to it very tightly and spread it. This is why they carried the religion of Buddhism and the people of Afghanistan adopted it. There was no way to change them – Buddhism, that was it, and this is why there is a huge statue of Buddha still standing in Bamyan today.* They are the ones who spread Buddhism in the region – to Pakistan and India. The Afghans are the ones who spread it…some tribes became convinced of this belief and began spreading Buddhism.

Islam then came, they became convinced of Islam, and they spread it throughout the region. So, most of these areas adopted Islam through them, and Mahmud al-Ghaznawi invaded India seven times. He entered it and demolished their statue, Shamnama, and after this, the Afghan people adopted the Hanafi madhhab…”

[‘Fi Dhilal Surat at-Tawbah’; p. 141-142]

[*] Obviously, that changed in March of 2001.

43 Responses to “How Islam Came To Afghanistan”

  1. akhi,Abu sabaaya, jazakallah khairan , As an Afghan I was looking for this piece of information since long!

  2. Jazakallaah khayran!

  3. Assalamu Alaikum, Br Abu Sabaya

    Overall a good article but a couple of points aren’t historically accurate.

    First of all, the idol smashed by Mahmud al-Ghaznawi was called Somnath, not Shamnama. For immediate reference, please see:

    Secondly, Buddhism was taken from India to Khurasan/Gandhara (modern-day Afghanistan), not the other way around! How can Afghans propagate Buddhism in India when Buddhism originated from India? Buddha was from India, not Khurasan. The people of Afghanistan before Islam were fire-worshippers (Zoroastrians/Magians) and then later many took Buddhism as their faith. In the end, came Islam – walillahil hamd.

    And Allah knows best.

  4. dawood aamir Says:

    afghans have a very long history in the region we are the one who make the indains a muslim but now these indos genreation i mean pakistan is claiming that they have a country and trying to be snack for our mother land when u have a cricket team it doesnt mean that u have history come and see the afghans we all one pashtons tajiks dont try to divid us we are one inshalla one day there will be no pakistan in the world map long life afghanistan my jan my land my vioce death for pakistan

    • Anonymous Says:

      You are a gay
      Fig how u speak against the pakistan i am pukhtion and live in peshawer.
      Son of bitch when the russian fuck yours mothers and sister than u are secured by pakistan now u sayed that we have no history and we will no longer live see in your oun country now a day un forces fuck your ladies and u feels happy.
      Ask from your mother who make her pregnant american or russian or another non muslim that u have birth from u r not the son of a single man

      • Anonymous Says:


      • Ahssan Khan pakhtoon Says:

        I am also pashtoon .first time when US want attack in Afghanistan .Pakistan Government said wellcom from Karachi. .you mean that first time they fuck your sister and mother Pakistan .US want help Afghan but all human bing .Not like Pakistan ISI to mother sons of Hira mandi lahor birch no family. Even they don, t work for pakistani .independent state mean inpakistan if you have money do every fuck all womens in lahor Karachi thing .We are fight with Russian other wise they fuck ur sister all ur family son of batch. Ur mother fucker . In UN Pakistan don,t have value

  5. Afghanistan , that stands today was known as under( at the time of Sikandar)
    1. Ariana( or Area), that is colocated with north western part ( around Hirat)
    2.Arachocia(Kandahar and Siestan)
    3. Ionia( Upper Kabul Valley )
    4. Gandhar( Eastern Afghanistan)
    5. Kapisha Valley( present Kafiristan)

    This was cradle of proto-Indo iranian culture.

  6. Afghans are not totally aryans, because

    1. Turks came in the 9th and 10th century and continued to come through out next five centuries.
    2. Mangols came in the 13th and 14th century.

    Although pure Aryans were restricted to Kafiristan who were , due to there inaccessible terrain, preserved the purity of their flocks. Even they successfully avoided Islam and thereby semitic influence in culture and customs. It was only in 1895 that they were forced to accept Islam

  7. Afghans are at present divided in to certain communities as under

    1. Pashtuns
    2. Tadjiks
    3. Nuristanis
    6. Hazaras
    7. Hindu Khatris(Multanis)
    8. Sikhs
    9. Baloch.

    It is noted that out of above Ujbegs, Turkomans and Hazaras are from Turko-mangol stuff. But because of co-existence in a society for centuries where aryans features were preponderant, these three , at times , demonstrate pure aryan features.

    Among others Pashtuns spoke a language which is mostly iranian with certain surprising words from vedic sanskrit also for instance.
    1. Gandam( Godhum in Sanskrit)
    2.Tarin( Trin in Sanskrit)
    3.Seend( Sindhu in Sanskrit)
    4. Rashe( Rishi in Sanskrit0
    5.Kot(Koshtha in Sanskrit)

    Tadjiks are perhaps iranians who were forced from Iran after Islamic conquest. Later they too accepted Islam in 9th to 10th century AD.

    Nuristanis are small group of one million people, they are from Dardic aryan group with some admixture of remnants of Indo – greeks.

    Other communities are very small.

    Afghans as a whole could not be converted in one stroke as did other countries, because Afghans are the bravest of all human races. efforts for conversion commenced from 7th century AD till 19th Century AD and last of the Afghans , that is , Kafirs could only be converted as late as in 1895 AD.

  8. zanzabeel Says:

    Once Islam was injected into the Afghan people it will never be dejected Alhumduillah

    • You mean when they raped your grandmothers and took them as what there right hand posesses, is that what u mean by injected or is my history wrong.

  9. Shailendra Says:


  10. Mufeddah Jan: As muslim u should respect every Mazhab. No matter which one,it is written in Quran. In some cases u are right but u shoudn’t use your knowledge in such way. Good luck.

  11. Shailendra Says:

    Thank u very much Mhd.
    Thank u. Look it’s not that i don’t respect Mufeddah,but we can talk like friends about these things. Not like the bewakoofs who fight and kill each other. If we want to change the world, we should change ourselves first.

    Jai Shri Krsna
    As-Salam Alaikum
    Ram ram

    Love and respect. May god bless you.

  12. Dear friends, I have two question for both of u. Why we are discussing about this matter? Can u ask yourselves about the reasons? I think it is hard to answer ,but beleive me we have alot to share.Good luck

  13. salam
    nice one, firstly india was invaded 17 times. buddhism originates from india

  14. salam , nice one . i loved it.
    but few mistakes, buddhism orginates from india and sultan mahmud ghaznawi invaded 17times.

  15. Excellent work but Islam was one of the biggest relegion of world and i am damn sure that no one can defeat them..!!

  16. Hammad Bin tariq Says:

    Outside Arab land, Hind was the first place where Islam spread. Islam came to Afghanistan via Baghdad – > Persia -> Herat. Thats documented history. Pakistan is still the first muslim place after arab,

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Afghans were defeated in the plains of Punjab only once and that was by Sikhs.If Briitish had not interfered Afghanistan would have been one over by Sikhs. NWFP was made part of India under sikhs.

  18. I don’t think Afghanistan converted because it was influenced by Islam. What I feel . being Buddhist and non violent, they were easy targets to the marauding, violent invading Muslims.

  19. Sanjay,
    You are a dick head.

  20. Islam Hussen Pakhtoon Says:

    Somebody needs to get rid of these stupid hanafis and there blind following. Abu haneefah isn’t the prophet you dumb basterds, there is only one prophet….

  21. Islam Hussen Pakhtoon Says:

    Basically you have made you imam’s into prophets no different to ahmediyyahs, wake up and remember in the prophet you have an example not in your imams. Our duty is to follow the prophet, if the imam says anything that prophet didn’t do then he should be shot dead for that because there is no innovation in religion thats after we tell him the nice way to abandon his innovation but if stays stubborn then big problem…………these people destroy the religion.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    i wish this islam never come to Afghanistan, look at this country for humanity sake what this islam done to this country. just brought poverty, violence, hatred and stupidity.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Whoever claims that islam is a true religion, should read the history of islam in deep. i studied it for many years, since i remember, but finally i realised that there are many questions to be asked about islam. when i asked these questions from the islamic scholars, they did not have the answer and told me i have to accept it the way it is. Now i believe that all these histories are man made, nothing to do with God. God does not need to fight us for his sake or test us, because he should know us every well as he created us.

  24. The Arabs converted us to Islam and i am proud of it.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    I think it was much better before afghan become Muslim..

  26. na

  27. Ahmad Shah Durrani Says:

    Fuck isi and Pakistan. Pakistan never existed until 1953 . We should have got back Baluchistan in 1993 since the lease agreement with G.B. Durand line . Alot of sources people cited here are mostly from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is not a source because anyone can edit it therefore it is not trust worthy. It is Pakistani government that doesnt want rest in Afghanistan. Of course they brought there salafi movement thanks to Saudi and CIA. Of course no one will admit that most Taliban come from Pakistan . Pakistani pashtuns and Afghan pashtuns are not the same anymore . We do not share the same values as the Pakistani government does . All these Pakistani people saying our government let you in is pure bullshit because half of Pakistan was our fucken land . They have to let us in because it belongs to the Afghan people . Pakistan was no mother fucken land until these pussies wanted to leave India and migrated to our land. Stop talking non sense . You can swear all you want but deep inside Pakistan those bastards wished they had our rich culture

  28. Anonymous Says:


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