Following the Practices of the Kuffar

These are some interesting narrations worthy of reflection that are found in Hamud at-Tuwayjri’s ‘Ithaf al-Jama’ah bi Ma Ja’ fil-Fitan wal-Malahim wa Ashrat as-Sa’ah’ (1/267-274), and they deal with the concept of the Muslims imitating the practices of the nations that came before them.

Of course, when these types of narrations come that inform us of future events, they are meant as an indhar (warning), not iqrar (approval) of what is being mentioned:

1 – Abu Sa’id al-Khudri narrated that the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said:

“Indeed, you will follow the practices of those who came before you – handspan by handspan, armspan by armspan – to the point that if they follow the lizard into its hole, you would follow them in this.” We said: “O Messenger of Allah, are you referring to the Jews and Christians?” He replied: “Who else?”

[Reported by Ahmad, al-Bukhari, and Muslim]

2 – al-Mustawrad bin Shaddad said that the Messenger of Allah said:

“This nation (i.e. the Muslims) will not leave anything from the practices of the people who came before it except that it will adopt them.”

[Reported by at-Tabarani, and al-Haythami said: “Its narrators are trustworthy.”]

3 – Hudhayfah said:

“You will follow ways of those who came before you, step by step. You will not avoid their path, and it will not avoid you.”

[Reported by al-Ajuri in ‘ash-Shari’ah’]

4 – He also said:

“There is nothing that Bani Isra’il did except that you will do the same.” So, a man asked: “Will there be homosexuality amongst us?” He replied: “Yes.”

[Reported by Ibn Abi Shaybah]

5 – ‘Abdullah bin Mas’ud said:

“By Allah, you resemble Bani Isra’il more than anyone else. You will not leave a single thing that they did except that you will also do it, and there will not be a single characteristic that they had except that you will also have it.”

[Reported by Muhammad bin Nasr al-Maruzi in ‘as-Sunnah’]

6 – Ibn Mas’ud and Hudhayfah both said:

“You resemble Bani Isra’il more than anyone else in their character and practice. You imitate them in their actions step by step, except that I am not sure whether or not you will worship a calf!”

[Reported by al-Baghawi and Ibn Abi Shaybah]

7 – Ibn ‘Abbas said:

“There isn’t anything that was with Bani Isra’il except that it will also be with you.”

[Reported by Nu’aym bin Hammad and Muhammad bin Nasr al-Maruzi]

8 – ‘Ubadah bin as-Samit said:

“By Allah, there is nothing about those who came before you except that it will also be with you.”

[Reported by Muhammad bin Nasr al-Maruzi]

9 – Ibn ‘Umar said:

“You will adopt the practices of those who came before you – the good and the bad.”

[Reported by al-Maruzi]

10 – al-Walid said that he was walking with Abyad, one of the Companions of the Prophet, to visit a friend:

“So, we entered the mosque, and we saw the people praying. I said: “Praise be to Allah who has caused Islam to unite white and black people!” So, Abyad said: “By the One in Whose Hand my soul is, the Day of Resurrection will not come until you adopt some practices of every religion.” I said: “Will this be because people will leave Islam?” He replied: “They will pray like you pray, they will sit in your gatherings, they will live amongst you, and they will adopt some of the practices of every religion.””

[Reported by ‘Abdan in the book ‘as-Sahabah’]

The author, Shaykh Hamud at-Tuwayjri (رحمه الله) then mentions: “These mawquf narrations from the Companions have the ruling of being marfu’ (attributed to the Prophet), since they discuss issues of the Unseen, and the Companions would not speak about such issues from their own opinion. Rather, they took these words from the Prophet, and Allah Knows best.”

2 Responses to “Following the Practices of the Kuffar”

  1. zanzabeel Says:

    Yes we are definately in that time sometimes I think some poeple Iknow are jews not muslims Allah protect us from this major misguidance

  2. Hanīfa Lillāh Says:

    Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah,

    Can I have these narrations in Arabic please?

    Barakallahu feek.

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