The Collapse of American Moral Values

“…The discussion regarding values can become deep and philosophical, and the reader doesn’t need this. So, let us instead approach it from the standpoint of experience and historical application.

The United States of America was founded on the paired values of extreme religiosity and sheer self-centered opportunism. The religious values were concentrated in certain groups of Americans living in certain states, and the opportunistic values were likewise concentrated in certain groups and states. The balance between the two was effectively maintained until the first World War, which is when America abandoned its neutrality and emerged from seclusion. This is where its policies began gradually separating from traditional values, creating the huge gap between the two that exists today.

However, the American people in their conscience remained zealously attached to their values up until the current Information Revolution. Since intellectuals are usually the first people to become aware of the collapse of values in a society, a certain pessimism began appearing over half a century ago in various fictional writings, and then in books of philosophical political commentary. The assassination of Kennedy was a decisive sign of the success of the hidden influence of the arms-dealers. This is where stiff criticism of the government began, and people began describing it as a military empire. In What Uncle Sam Really Wants,’ Noam Chomsky clarified how American policy was quite detached from moral values in a brief perceptive way, where he basically said that any success or attempt to become free from serving American interests in any country in the world is always confronted, even if this were to lead to the use of military force. He also showed that more than half of the world’s nations served as theaters in which this policy was implemented, with the constant claim being the ‘struggle against Communism.’ After the collapse of Communism, Islam immediately took its place, and the slogan was changed to ‘war against terrorism,’ and its alliance with Zionism became clearly exposed.

Along with this came a massive collapse in the structure of moral values in the family, as well as in people’s general dealings with each other. This started all the way at the top with the fatherly “values president” as he was called, continuing down to the corrupt priest, all the way down to the current generation that has opened its eyes to the Information Revolution, such that 90% of the total websites accessed by Americans on the Internet are permissive sites.

Basically, we can say that American policy is deteriorating at the foot of the mountain when it comes to values, and American society is frighteningly progressing towards collapse due to this. If the bitterest enemies of America were to spend billions of dollars to ruin its image and reputation, they would have been unable to ruin the world’s view of it to the same extent that it has done itself…”

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  1. may allah bless you

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