A Touching Display of Love

In the biographical sketch of Muhammad al-Arghiani, one finds a touching display of love and awe for the words of Allah’s Messenger:

“He is the memorizer, the genius, the traveler, the ascetic, the example, Muhammad bin al-Musayyab bin Ishaq al-Arghiani.

He was born in the year 223, and he died in the year 315. May Allah have Mercy upon him.

Abu ‘Abdullah al-Hakim said: “He was one who exerted himself in worship, and he was one who traveled widely to learn Hadith. He was a very truthful and devout person. I heard many of our scholars recalling that he said: “I do not know of a single pulpit from the pulpits of Islam that is left that I have not entered to learn Hadith.”

And Abu ‘Ali an-Naysaburi said: “Muhammad bin al-Musayyab al-Arghiani would walk around in Egypt with 100,000 ahadith in his pocket.” So, it was asked of Abu ‘Ali: “How was this possible?” He replied: “Each packet of ahadith was small and written in very small handwriting, and each packet contained a thousand of them, and he would carry a hundred of these packets with him. This became a famous trait of his.

And when he would read a hadith and would get to the part where he would say ‘The Messenger of Allah – صلى الله عليه و سلم – said,’ he would begin to weep to the point that we would have to calm him down! He even became blind because of how much he would weep!

May Allah be Pleased with him.””

[‘Tadhkirat al-Huffadh’; 2/789]

One Response to “A Touching Display of Love”

  1. Your arabic must be of a high standard and you must be v experienced since you seem to be churnin out the translations…I assume it doesnt take you long to translate a text, unlike others where we get stuck and have to look up a word in the dictionary.


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