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How to Give Da’wah to Those Who Love the Dunya

Posted in Ibn al-Qayyim on June 14, 2008 by Tarek Mehanna

“…The smart one does not command people to abandon the dunya, because this is impossible for them. Rather, he has them abandon sins while they are established in their dunya. This is because abandoning the dunya is an optional virtue while abandoning sins is an obligation. So, how can he command them with something optional while they have not even fulfilled what is obligatory?

If it is difficult for them to abandon sins, he should then strive to get them to love Allah by reminding them of His signs, blessings, Kindness, perfection, and Loftiness. This is because the hearts are naturally designed to love Him, and if they become attached to loving Him, it then becomes extremely easy to abandon sins and to detach oneself from them.

Yahya bin Mu’adh said: “The intelligent one seeking the dunya is better than the ignorant one abandoning it.”

The smart one calls the people to Allah from their dunya, and this makes it easier for them to respond to him. The zahid calls them to Allah by way of abandoning the dunya, and this makes it hard for them to respond, since it is very hard to pull someone away from the breast that he has developed his mind while suckling on…”

[‘al-Fawa’id’; p. 233-234]

Fifteen Examples of Supplications Immediately Answered by Allah

Posted in Ibn Rajab on June 13, 2008 by Tarek Mehanna

The Messenger of Allah related that Allah Said:

“…if he calls upon Me, I answer him, and if he asks of Me, I will give him…”

Ibn Rajab commented:

“…This means that this person who is beloved and close to Allah has a special status with Allah such that if he asks Allah for something, He gives it to him, and if he seeks refuge with Allah from anything, He protects him from that thing, and if he calls upon Him, He answers him. So, he ends up becoming from those whose supplications are answered due to his honor with Allah.

And many from the righteous early generations were known to have their supplications answered.

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A Glimpse at an-Nawawi

Posted in 'Abdullah 'Azzam, an-Nawawi on June 5, 2008 by Tarek Mehanna

“…It is known that he is from the most knowledgeable of scholars in the history of Islam. I mean, if you were to take the ten most notable scholars of the Muslims throughout history, an-Nawawi would be one of them. He wrote a commentary on ‘Sahih Muslim,’ and he wrote his book ‘al-Majmu” in Fiqh, regarding which Ibn Kathir said: “Nothing was ever written to match its brilliance.” And yes, nothing was ever written like this book.

When you read anything by an-Nawawi, you feel as if you are a plant that is being watered, as he delves deeply into meanings and concepts. Add to this that he abstained from the worldly pleasures, he was a devout worshipper, he would enjoin what was good, and he would forbid what was wrong. He would stand up to the rulers in the peak of their power. One time, the lamp he was using went out, and he lit it with his hand – he continued writing using light that was emanating from his hand!

He came into conflict with Dhahir Baybras, the ruler of Sham and Egypt. Dhahir Baybras requested a fatwa from the scholars that money should be collected in order to prepare an army to fight the Tatars in 658 H. When the Tatars occupied Baghdad and advanced upon Palestine and turned towards Sham, he requested a fatwa while the Tatars were in Palestine that money should be collected to purchase weapons.

Every single scholar issued the fatwa except for an-Nawawi. He said: “I will not provide you with such a fatwa.”

Dhahir asked: “Why not? I want to purchase arms for this struggle, and you refuse to issue a fatwa for it? The entire Ummah and Religion will be exposed to loss.”

He replied: “Because you came to us as a slave who owned nothing, and I see that you now own gardens, servants, slave girls, silver, and gold. So, if you sell all of these things and still need money after that, I will issue the fatwa you seek.”

He said: “Leave Sham.”

And he left and went to a small village in Nawa (his hometown). The scholars came to Dhahir Baybras and said to him: “The scholars of Sham are nothing without Muhi ad-Din an-Nawawi.” He replied: “Bring him back.” They then went to an-Nawawi and said: “Come back, O Muhi ad-Din.” an-Nawawi said: “By Allah, I will not go back while Dhahir is in it,” and Allah fulfilled his oath: Dhahir died a month later, and an-Nawawi returned to Sham.

This is an-Nawawi, the devout worshipper, the scholar, the zahid, the scholar of Usul, Fiqh, and Hadith. Look at the blessing that is in his books…ya Salam! Look at the barakah: his book ‘al-Majmu” has provided much benefit, his book ‘Riyad as-Salihin,’ his book of forty Hadith, his book ‘al-Adhkar’ – you can feel the barakah in his books. No books have been so widely distributed as the books of an-Nawawi…”

[‘Fi Dhilal Surat at-Tawbah’; p. 67-68]

An Encouragement to Make Plenty of Du’a’ Near the End of Time

Posted in The Words of the Salaf on June 2, 2008 by Tarek Mehanna

Hamud at-Tuwayjri mentioned the following narrations in ‘Ithaf al-Jama’ah’ (2/223):

Hudhayfah said: “A time will come upon you where none will be saved except those who supplicate as if they are drowning.”

It was reported in the ‘Musannaf’ of Ibn Abi Shaybah, as well as in the ‘Mustadrak’ of al-Hakim, and he said: “It is authentic upon the conditions of al-Bukhari and Muslim, and they did not report it,” and adh-Dhahabi agreed with him in his ‘Talkhis.’

Ibn Abi Shaybah also reported that Abu Hurayrah said: “There will be a fitnah such that nothing can rescue you from it except to supplicate as if you are drowning.”

O Allah, save us from the fitan of our times…

The Worst Fitnah

Posted in The Words of the Salaf on June 2, 2008 by Tarek Mehanna

In ‘Ithaf al-Jama’ah’ (1/25), Hamud at-Tuwayjri mentions that Ibn ‘Abd al-Barr reported that Hudhayfah was asked: “What is the worst fitnah?” So, he replied: “That you are presented with the good and the bad, and you are confused as to which path to take.”

He also reported from Ibn Abi Shaybah in his ‘Musannaf’ that Khalid bin al-Walid said: “Fitnah is that you are in a land in which sins are rampant, and when you seek to leave it for a land in which sins are not rampant, you are unable to find such a place.”

Moving the Index Finger During Tashahhud

Posted in Original & Misc. on June 2, 2008 by Tarek Mehanna

Many move their fingers back and forth, in circles, etc. during the tashahhud in the prayer, presumably relying on the hadith in which the Companion Wa’il bin Hujr said: “…He would make a circle with his middle finger and thumb, and point with his index finger. Then, he would raise his finger, and I saw him moving it to make supplications.”

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