The Destruction of the Homosexuals of Lut

Describing the horrible destruction that befell the homosexuals from the people of Lut, Ibn Kathir narrates:

“…And when the Sun rose, the punishment descended upon them.

Allah Said: {“So when Our Commandment came, We turned them upside down, and rained on them stones of sijjil mandud (piled up, baked clay); marked from your Lord, and it is not far from the wrong-doers.”} [Hud; 82-83] They (the People of the Book) say that Jibril uprooted their dwellings by plucking them with the edge of his wing, and they were seven cities filled with people in total. They say that they were 400 people total, and it is said that they were 400,000 along with their animals and the surrounding cities and areas and dwellings. So, he lifted all of this until it was piled up to the level of the clouds, to the point that the Angels could hear the sounds of their roosters and the howling of their dogs. He then flipped all of this over, causing what was on the bottom to be on top and vice versa.

Mujahid said: “The first thing that fell were some benches that they used to sit on.”

{“…and rained on them stones of sijjil…”} [Hud; 82] Sijjil is a Persian word later adopted by the Arabs, and it is a type of rock that is quite strong and hard; {“…mandud…”} [Hud; 82] means that they came down upon them one after the other from the sky; {“…marked from your Lord…”} [Hud; 82] means that each rock was inscribed with the name of the person it was meant to hit and smash, as Allah Said: {“Marked by your Lord for the wrong-doers…”} [adh-Dhariyat; 34] and as He Said: {“And We rained on them a rain of torment, and how evil was the rain for those who had been warned.”} [ash-Shu’ara’; 173 and an-Naml; 58]

And Allah Said: {“And He destroyed the overthrown cities. So, there covered them that which did cover.”} [an-Najm; 53-54] meaning that He overturned it, reversing its top and bottom, and He then rained down hardened rocks one after the other, and each rock was inscribed with the name of its target that it would hit – both those who were in these cities at the time and those who happened to be absent or out of town on a journey.

…And His Saying here: {“…and it is not far from the wrong-doers.”} [Hud; 83] means that this punishment is not far from those who resemble these people in their actions, and this is why there are scholars who held the opinion that the homosexual is to be stoned to death whether he is married or not. This was the explicitly stated opinion of ash-Shafi’i, Ahmad bin Hambal, and a large group of the scholars. They also used as proof the hadith reported by Ahmad and the compilers of the Sunan from ‘Amr bin Abi ‘Amr from ‘Ikrimah from Ibn ‘Abbas that the Messenger of Allah said: “Whoever you find doing the act of the people of Lut, kill him and the one it was done to.” And Abu Hanifah was of the opinion that the homosexual is to be both thrown from a high mountain and then stoned, just as was done with the people of Lut, due to the verse: {“…and it is not far from the wrong-doers.”} [Hud; 83]

And Allah caused the location of these lands to become a rotten lagoon whose water and adjacent areas cannot be benefited from due to their repugnance and filth. So, it became a warning, an example, an admonishment, and a sign of the Power, Might, and Honor of Allah in exacting revenge upon he who opposes His commands and rejects His Messengers and follows his desires and disobeys his Master, as well as a proof of His Mercy towards His believing slaves by saving them from this destruction and removing them from the darknesses into the light, as He Said: {“Verily, in this is a sign. Yet, most of them are not believers. And verily, your Lord! He is truly the Mighty, the Merciful.”} [ash-Shu’ara’; 8-9]”

[‘al-Bidayah wan-Nihayah’; 1/207-208]

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