How to Give Da’wah to Those Who Love the Dunya

“…The smart one does not command people to abandon the dunya, because this is impossible for them. Rather, he has them abandon sins while they are established in their dunya. This is because abandoning the dunya is an optional virtue while abandoning sins is an obligation. So, how can he command them with something optional while they have not even fulfilled what is obligatory?

If it is difficult for them to abandon sins, he should then strive to get them to love Allah by reminding them of His signs, blessings, Kindness, perfection, and Loftiness. This is because the hearts are naturally designed to love Him, and if they become attached to loving Him, it then becomes extremely easy to abandon sins and to detach oneself from them.

Yahya bin Mu’adh said: “The intelligent one seeking the dunya is better than the ignorant one abandoning it.”

The smart one calls the people to Allah from their dunya, and this makes it easier for them to respond to him. The zahid calls them to Allah by way of abandoning the dunya, and this makes it hard for them to respond, since it is very hard to pull someone away from the breast that he has developed his mind while suckling on…”

[‘al-Fawa’id’; p. 233-234]

2 Responses to “How to Give Da’wah to Those Who Love the Dunya”

  1. zanzabeel Says:

    this is so true I know from my own experience with my children ,couple are caught up liking duniah and cant understand some things I say but will understand reminders about Allah , sabhan Allah that proves theres some connection with Allah once Emaan has entered insha”Allah it will grow and flourish again

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