Two funny narrations regarding the beard

Ibn Hajar reported that az-Zubayr said:

“Qays bin Sa’d did not have any hair that grew on his face, and the Ansar used to say: “We wish that we could use our money to purchase a beard for Qays bin Sa’d!””

[‘al-Isabah fi Ma’rifat as-Sahabah’; 5/360]

In the biography of Dia’ bin Sa’d bin Muhammad bin ‘Uthman al-Qazwini al-‘Afifi, it is narrated that:

“…his beard was so long that it reached his feet, and he would not sleep except that it was wrapped in a bag, and it would divide into two parts whenever he rode a horse.”

[as-Suyuti’s ‘Baghyat al-Wu’ah’ (2/14) and ‘Durrat al-Hijal fi Asma’ ar-Rijal’ (3/37)]

2 Responses to “Two funny narrations regarding the beard”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    How many brothers obsess over this matter . . .
    Yet how many examples do we find amongst the companions and the later . . .
    Sa’d for the smooth, and Al-Rumi for the western muhajir . . .
    When will we have the freedom and might to sort these affairs . . .
    When will we awake from our self induced slumber . . .
    So weary . . .

  2. Anonymous Says:

    what is this guy rambling on about?

    Ma’shallah nice reminders from the Salaf!

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