Clarifying the Obligation of Hijrah


“…The more one is in contact with an environment, the more he becomes desensitized to it…”


2 Responses to “Clarifying the Obligation of Hijrah”

  1. bismillah wal hamdulilah

    as salamu`alaykum

    Dates for the 3 white days for Rabi’ ul-Awwal are as follows inshaAllah;

    thursday 20th March 2008 – 13th
    friday 21st March 2008 – 14th
    saturday 23rd March 2008 – 15th

    Please make the effort to fast or else on the day of Judgement we will stand in REGRET, whilst we stare ahead and see those that did fast recieving their reward from Allah, Most High.

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