“O people! Repeat your prayer, for your imam has disbelieved!”

“Taha Husayn (a well-known secularist) had just graduated from the Old Egyptian University, and he was blind at the time. It was decided that he could be sent abroad to Europe (to complete his studies). So, the ruler invited him to a generous reception and showered him with many nourishing and helpful gifts. After this incident, Muhammad al-Mahdi gave the Friday sermon, and at that time, he was a government preacher whose sermons were attended by scholars and secretaries and other major figures. So, the preacher (Muhammad al-Mahdi) began praising the ruler excessively, to the point that he said, regarding the ruler: “And the blind one came to him, so he did not frown or turn away” (a mocking reference to the Prophet – peace be upon him – in the story the chapter of ‘‘Abasa’).

And from the attendees of this sermon was my father, the Shaykh, the Qadi, Muhammad Shakir. So, he got up after the prayer and said to the people: “O people! Repeat your prayer, for your imam has disbelieved!” Then he made the call to prayer from anew and prayed, and behind him prayed every single person in the masjid.

I swear by Allah that afterwards I saw Muhammad al-Mahdi with my own two eyes as a pathetic and subdued servant at the entrance of a masjid in Cairo, taking the shoes of the worshippers and putting them away for them in a state of humiliation and lowliness.”

[‘Kalimat Haqq’; p. 173]

2 Responses to ““O people! Repeat your prayer, for your imam has disbelieved!””

  1. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuh,

    This is a very beneficial reminder. Jazaak Allaahu khayr.

    Its quite scary to even contemplate uttering words of kufr like that. May Allaaah protect us all from that. Getting too close to rulers or evil people and accepting their gifts can cause a persons heart to feel obligated towards them in some way to such an extent that a person says words of kufr or does an action of kufr just to please them, which is why some of the salaf disliked accepting gifts from rulers.

    Assalaamu alaykum

  2. SubhanAllah….it made me think that Allah will always expose those people in whose hearts there is a disease….via speech or action and the darker the heart, the darker the deed! Allahummaghfir lana. Ameen

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