“We shall turn you to a direction that shall please you…” [al-Baqarah; 144]

“From every direction, in every corner of the entire Earth: one qiblah to unite this entire Ummah, and to unite it despite its various nationalities, despite the various locations of its members in relation to this qiblah, despite the various races, tongues, and colors…one qiblah, towards which one nation faces, in the East, and the West. So, you feel as if it is one body, one spirit, facing one goal, striving to maintain one manhaj: a manhaj from whose nature emerges the worship of One Deity, and believes in one Messenger, and faces one qiblah.

This is how Allah united this Ummah: He united it in its object of worship, in its Messenger, in its religion, and in its qiblah. He united it, with its various nationalities, races, colors, and spoken languages, and He did not build its unity on a single one of these foundations. Rather, its unity was built on its belief and its qiblah, despite it being divided in regards to its nationalities, races, colors, and languages.

It is the unity that naturally binds the human being, as human beings naturally unites based on the same belief of the heart, and the same qiblah of worship, while animals naturally unite upon the same grass and weeds, within the same fenced boundaries, and in the same barn!”

{“And even if you were to bring to the People of the Book all of the proofs, they would not follow your direction of prayer…”} [al-Baqarah; 145]

“So, they are in a state of stubbornness brought on by their desires, led along by their worldly interests, and limited only by their evil objectives.

Many naive people assume that what prevents the Jews and Christians from accepting Islam is that they simply have not been provided with knowledge of it, or that it has not been presented to them in a convincing fashion, and this is simply a fantasy. They do not want to accept Islam because they know its reality! They know its reality, so, they fear its threat to their worldly interests and power. Therefore, they plot against it all of these neverending plots, of various types, and various methods – some direct, and some indirect. Sometimes, they fight it face-to-face, and sometimes, they fight it from behind a curtain. Sometimes, they fight it themselves, and sometimes, while staying behind the curtain, they find those from amongst its own people who will fight it on their behalf…”

[‘Fi Dhilal al-Qur’an’; 1/134]

One Response to ““We shall turn you to a direction that shall please you…” [al-Baqarah; 144]”

  1. the calmness and the happiness come from this article, going through our hearts, so as to rest upon them, filling them up with rapture and ecstasy.

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