The Wisdom in Seeking Refuge from the Anti-Christ At All Times

The Messenger of Allah used to end his prayer with the following du’a’:

“O Allah, I seek refuge with You from the punishment of the grave, and from the afflictions of the Anti-Christ, and from the afflictions of life and death.”

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said:

“…and since the claim to lordship of the Anti-Christ is impossible in and of itself, and none of the miracles that he will perform will be sufficient proof of his truthfulness – rather, they will be a test and trial with which Allah misguides whom He Wills and Guides whom He Wills, such as the test of the golden calf with the Children of Israel – it will nevertheless be the greatest trial. And the implications of this trial are not limited to those who are present to witness him personally. Rather, the reality of his trial is the falsehood that is at odds with the Shari’ah, backed up by apparent miracles. So, whoever goes along with what contradicts the Shari’ah because of his amazement at some supposed miracle, then he has been afflicted by this trial, and this is widespread in every time and place. The trial of the Dajjal in particular is the severest of trials. So, if Allah protects His servant from it – whether he witnesses it personally or not – he will then be protected from the lesser trials.”

[‘as-Sab’iniyyah’; p. 483]

Shaykh ‘Abd ar-Rahman bin Nasir as-Sa’di said:

“…and the reference to the trial of the Anti-Christ is simply a reference to a type of trial. So, the servant should seek refuge from every trial that is similar to his, and they are the trials of falsehood and doubts and ‘miracles’ that misguide many people, such as the fitnah of disbelief, as well as that of the materialists who have deluded many people with their powerful technological inventions, wonderous advancements, etc., until they thought them to be upon the truth. And in reality, this glimmering materialistic pompousness of theirs is beautified on the outside, while its inner core is nothing but ruin and wreckage. So, to seek refuge from the trial of the Dajjal encompasses these types of trials.

So, in reality, everyone is in need of the protection of Allah from the trial of the Dajjal in every time and in every place.”

[‘Majmu’ al-Fawa’id wa Iqtinas al-Awabid’; p. 217]

3 Responses to “The Wisdom in Seeking Refuge from the Anti-Christ At All Times”

  1. steeds of war Says:

    Bismillah , Ameen , how many of our ummah have fallen under the spell of the Dajjal , may Allah save us and our generations from this calamity Ameen

  2. It bears pointing out that among the wisdom in seeking refuge from the tribulation of the dajjal, at all times, is that he has been alive during the entire span of time of this Ummah.

    It’s not a complicated point. No magic, no voodoo. No magical thinking, just a man with tricks – for that’s what sihr is.

    Authentic ahadith state that he was alive in the Prophet’s time, without any strange batini/esoteric interpretation. No 4th dimension time warps, no he was and is a man who has been alive for a very long time. Hence it entirely makes sense to seek protection from his fitnah since he is already present.

    The dajjal was in Madina at the time of the Prophet(saws) – spreading fitnah, and this is well attested in hadiths. So doesn’t it make sense to seek refuge from his tribulation?

    I leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure it out. It’s rather obvious.

    Or do we forget this blindingly obvious point quickly? Perhaps this too is part of the fitnah of the dajjal, not recognizing what is before our very eyes..

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