The Seven Special Characteristics of Quraysh

az-Zubayr bin al-‘Awwam narrated that the Messenger of Allah said:

“Allah has favored Quraysh with seven special characteristics:

  • They worshipped Allah for ten years in which nobody but Quraysh worshipped Him;
  • He gave them victory on the Day of the Elephant, despite the fact that they were polytheists;
  • A chapter of the Qur’an was revealed about them, in which none other of the Creation was mentioned, and it is: {“For the taming of the Quraysh…”} [Quraysh; 1-4];
  • The Prophethood is with them;
  • As is the Khilafah;
  • The practice of cupping;
  • The practice of serving others food and water.”

[Reported by al-Bayhaqi and Ibn ‘Asakir, and it is in ‘Sahih al-Jami” (4208) and ‘as-Silsilah as-Sahihah’ (1944)]

2 Responses to “The Seven Special Characteristics of Quraysh”

  1. subhanAllah

  2. The prophet (SAW),” says a tradition of Omm Hani, daughter of Abutaleb, “exalted the Koreysh by conferring on them seven prerogatives: the first, the Nebbuwat (the fact that they had given birth to a prophet); the second, the Khalafat (the succession); the third, the Hejabat (the guardianship of the Kaaba); the fourth, the Sikayat (the right of supplying water to the Haj); the fifth, the Refadat (the right of entertaining the Haj); the sixth, the Nedwat (the right of counsel, government); and the seventh, the Lewa (possession of the banner, with the right of proclaiming war).” The prophet also, according to another tradition, said, “As long as there remains one man of the Koreysh, so long shall that man be my successor;” and as to the Arab race, “If the Arab race falls Islam shall fall.”

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