Shaqiq bin Ibrahim

He was considered the shaykh of Khurasan.

He was in his mother’s womb for thirty-six months.

‘Ali bin ‘Abdullah bin Shaqiq (his grandson) reported:

“My grandfather had travelled to the lands of the Turks in his youth for the purpose of business. He entered a temple filled with some idols that they would worship, and he said to the servant of the temple: “Verily, what you are upon is falsehood! These creations have a Creator Who is different from everything else, and He provides for everything else!”

So, the servant said to him: “Your words do not match your actions.”

Shaqiq said to him: “And how is that?”

The servant said to him: “You claimed that you have a Creator Who is able to do all things, yet you have tired yourself by travelling all the way over here in order to seek your provision!”

Shaqiq later said: “The inspiration for me abandoning the pleasures of this world and turning back to Allah were the words of this Turk.” He then returned to Khurasan and gave all of his wealth away in charity, and preoccupied himself with seeking knowledge.”

Abu ‘Abdullah said:

“I heard Shaqiq bin Ibrahim say: “I used to make one thousand dirhams from three hundred (i.e., I would engage in usury), then I wore wool (i.e., I repented) for twenty years without knowing anything (about Islam) until I met ‘Abdil-‘Aziz bin Abi Rawad. He said to me: “O Shaqiq! The point is not simply eating barley or wearing wool. The point is that you have intimate knowledge of Allah and that you worship him without associating partners with him.”

So, I said: “Explain this to me.”

He replied: “It is that everything that you do be solely for Allah,” then he recited: {“So whoever hopes for the meeting with his Lord, let him work righteousness and associate none as a partner in the worship of his Lord.”} [al-Kahf; 110]”

Hatim al-Asamm said:

“We were with Shaqiq al-Balkhi while we were fighting the Turks, and that day I saw nothing except for heads rolling and swords slicing, so Shaqiq said to me: “We are between the two rows of the armies. O Hatim! How do you see yourself on such a day? Do you see yourself just like the night on which you wed your wife?”

So, I said: “No, by Allah.”

Shaqiq then said: “By Allah, on this day, I feel as good as I felt on the night in which I wed my wife.” Then he laid down between the two rows of fighters (as he was overtaken by sakinah) and put his leather shield underneath his cheek until I could hear him snoring.

Shaqiq also once said to me: “Befriend people just as you would befriend fire: take from them what you need, but beware of being burned.”

He also said to me: “The believer is like a man who plants a palm-tree and fears that it will have a single thorn growing on it, while the hypocrite is like the one who plants a thorny tree in hopes that it will bear fruit. Anyone who does good will be rewarded good by Allah, and the righteous will never descend to the level of the sinners.””

Shaqiq narrated hadith from ‘Ubad bin Kathir, and he was a close companion of Ibrahim bin Adham.

He was killed in the Battle of Kulan in the year 194 H.

[‘Sifat as-Safwah’; 2/338-339]

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  1. anonymous Says:

    These are such eemaan boosters mashaAllah.
    May Allah reward you in abundance for sharing and translatng these.

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