Looking at Foreign Women

1 – Sa’id bin Jubayr:

“It is not permitted for the Muslim woman to be seen by a stranger except that she has a covering over her khimar, and she pulls that tightly around her head and neck.”

2 – Malik bin Anas:

“There is no problem with a woman eating with other than her close relatives (mahram).”

3 – Abu Ja’far at-Tahawi:

“It is allowed for the people to look at those who are stranger (non-mahram) to them from among the women, to their faces and hands, and that has been forbidden for the wives of the Prophet (peace be upon him), and that is the saying of Abu Hanifah and Abi Yusuf and Muhammad.”

4 – Ibn ‘Abd al-Barr:

“And to look at her hands and her face is permitted for everyone who looks at her without a doubtful reason and without a disliked reason.”

5 – al-Baghawi:

“It is not allowed for the man to look at anything from her except the face and the hands, except when there is fear of temptation.”

6 – al-Qadi ‘Iyad:

“The scholars have said that it is not obligatory for the woman to cover her face while she is on her way. Rather, this is a preferred action for her, and it is obligatory for the man to lower his gaze from her in all situations.”

7 – Ibn al-Qattan:

“And we have mentioned that it is allowed for the woman to expose her face and hands. So, glancing at these is allowed with the condition that there is no fear of temptation and the look is not out of desire. If the look is out of desire, there is nothing other than forbiddance.”

8 – Ibn Muflih al-Hambali:

“And our saying is the saying of a group of the Shafi’is and other than them: that the glance at the foreign woman without desire or seclusion with her (is allowed). So, they are not to be reprimanded if they expose their faces in the streets.”

9 – Ibn Rislan (one of the explainers of ‘Sunan at-Tirmidhi‘):

“The glance at the foreign woman is allowed provided there is security from temptation.”

10 – A group of scholars of the four schools of thought of our times said, in ‘al-Fiqh ‘ala al-Madhahib al-‘Arba’ah’:

“It is permitted to look at them when there is security from temptation.”

[Collected from al-Albani’s ‘ar-Radd ul-Mufhim‘; p. 119-120]

3 Responses to “Looking at Foreign Women”

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