How Many People Did the Prophet Ever Kill?

“…And bravery is defined by two things:

a) the strength and firmness of the heart in the face of fears, and
b) physical strength when fighting, such that one can kill with immense force and magnitude.

The first is the definition of bravery. As for the latter, it indicates physical strength and ability, and not everyone who possesses physical strength has strength of heart, and vice versa.

Because of this, you may find that it is said regarding a man who kills many people: ‘He would do this if he had with him those who could guarantee his safety.’ But, if he becomes scared, he is stricken with cowardice, and his heart becomes detached. And you would find the man with a firm heart who has not killed many people with his own hands firm in the face of fears, going forth in the face of hardships, and this is a characteristic that is required by the commanders, leaders, and forerunners of war, more so than the other, as the forerunner, if he is brave and firm at heart, will go forth and remain firm and will not be defeated, and his supporters will fight alongside him. If he was a coward and weak at heart, he will be humiliated, will not go forth, and will not remain firm, even if he is physically strong.

And the Prophet was the most complete in regards to this bravery that is appropriate for the commanders in war, and he did not kill with his hand anyone except Ubayy bin Khalaf. He killed him on the day of Uhud, and did not kill anyone else with his hand before or after this.”

[‘Minhaj as-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah’; 8/78]

13 Responses to “How Many People Did the Prophet Ever Kill?”

  1. Akhi do you know by any chance the ancestry of shaikh ibn taymiyya i heard he was Kurdish , but he is from harran east turkey? , i am just asking to complete the seerah lessons about the shaikh and didnt came accross this information so mayby you know it?

  2. Yes, he was born in Harran, which is in Southeast Turkey, near its border with Syria.

    He was not Kurdish, though. He was ethnically an Arab.

  3. Is it true he never wed/married?

  4. Yes, that is true, along with with Bishr al-Hafi, at-Tabari, an-Nawawi, Abu Bakr al-Ambari, and many others.

    • Ghurabaa Says:

      Salaam alaykum

      can you please give the list out as to how many are in “many others”i mean how many did’nt marry?

      I heard Imam Bukhari also did’nt married.Is it true?I just heard it though not sure..


  5. Is this because they felt a woman/wife would get in the way of their pursuit for knowledge?

  6. Yeah, pretty much.

    The thing is, some of them made it as a personal choice, while others simply never got around to it. I think it was Ibn Taymiyyah who said that he never got married simply because he was too busy to do so.

    They weighed the good that they felt would come out of their obtaining and spreading knowledge with the good they felt would come out of marriage, and they saw that in their own specific cases, due to what they knew about themselves, they could bring about much more benefit in their dedication to knowledge. So, they basically preferred one good over another good, and they never called for others to imitate them in this. They never said: ‘dedicating yourself to knowledge is better than marriage,’ or anything like that.

  7. Ghurabaa Says:

    Salaam alaykum

    I want to know what Prophet Muhammad sallalahualaihiwasallam did on battle field .
    In badr he was at the back of army
    In uhud he killed one
    In rest of the battles how did he fight,i read elsewhere that he used to be nearest to enemies in battle.

    I want to know what exactly did he used to do?

    • ‘Alayk as-Salam wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh;

      He would fight. As the commander, he was protected at the rear in certain circumstances because he would be planning the battle out, and needed his space to do so. Otherwise, he was right there fighting with the others.

  8. Ghurabaa Says:

    Jazakallahu khair brother

    I know brother,i know….well,i want to know how did he[sallahu alaihiwasallam] fought when he was fighting nearest to enemies & not killing much enemies yet winning that must be a great way of fighting mashallah…

    may be he used to make it easy for sahaba to kill & capture enemies…Allahu alam

  9. ummruqayya Says:

    What would be the role of the sahaba if Muhammed ibn Abdullah salAllahu alayhi wa Sallam engaged him self in killing the mushrikin and the murtaden, which he could do, there is no doupt! If he wished he could kill all of them without the support of anybody and even without spilling much blood. Remember the case when he killed that arrogant mushrikin by striking him with a spear that acctually did not caused him any sirious wound, but he died later, because Muhammed said “I killed him” or “He is dead”, cant remember right now.

    How would we know about the love, submission, their persuasion, their firm faith, and the actions they require!

    If tha sahab left our Prophet to do it all by him self, would we have all the biographys we do have today. Is it the same to know that somebody would sacrifies his wealth for the love for Allah and His Messenger, and to know that somebody would sacrifes him self, his live, the live of his parents, his children for Allah and His Prophet salAllahu alayhi wa Sallam?! (And we all know when it was the worst, they hide behind him salAllahu alayhi wa Sallam, and he never hid from anything or anyone.)

    There is a big difference for sure! And that is what is differing us from other religions. They killed their Prophets unjustly, we kill for our Prophet (for that with which he was sent) with justice.

    In Tora the sahab was describes like this: “His friends (followers) are running in to the death, like the waterfall from the mountain is falling down its cliffs”

    This is how I undersood, may Allah forgive me if I failed, Amin

  10. Amatullah Says:

    Please can same one answer my question How mane people in number did killed in a war that done by muhammed SAW. I mean all together Muslim and kufar

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