From the rulings of Ahl adh-Dhimmah

“…1 – Honoring the Muslims in their gatherings, and to not plot against them, and to not enter upon them without their permission, and to not act impolitely or disrespectfully in their presence, and to greet them with the best of greetings, and to not extend their feet or raise their voices in their presence.

2 – To rise for the Muslims in their own gatherings;
meaning: if they enter upon us (the people of dhimmah) while we are in a gathering, then we get up from our places and offer them to the Muslims instead, so that they would have the best spots and we would have the farthest.

And this includes gatherings that are both mixed (containing Muslims and non-Muslims) as well as exclusive (only non-Muslims). So, if they enter upon them in their churches, for example, then they are to get up from their places and sit them (the Muslims) down in their place.

3 – They are not to live in a residence that is in any way elevated above the residence of the Muslims. This is clear in that they are not to be above them even in their places of residence; so, they are not to live in an abode that is elevated above that of a Muslim because this is a form of dominance over them, and this is what we worship Allah by and do not believe in anything other than it: that it is not perceivable that they are to be above the Muslims in any way, shape, or form….”

[‘Ahkam Ahl adh-Dhimmah’; p. 527]

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