Ferdinand Magellan: Explorer of the Crusaders

“…and this is just like the other expeditions that were sent out by the Crusaders to the Muslim world for the purpose of learning its ins and outs, and to then return to their government to inform them of the best way to get a foot in the door of the lands of the Muslims. The most famous of these expeditions was that of Magellan, whose purpose was to take over an Islamic land in the Philippines, and subdue it to the rule of the Crusaders. This is the same journey whose story we teach to our children, that it is from the greatest journeys of scientific exploration in history!

As for it being a journey of exploration – yes! As for it being for the purpose of science – this couldn’t be farther from the historical truth!

It was exploration for Europe, as it served to explore lands for the Europeans that they knew nothing about, and had only heard of. As for us, as Muslims, were our lands unknown to us, so that we would wait for Magellan to discover them for us, as we tell our children when teaching them history?”

He also has a footnote on this page, where he said:

“Magellan wrote to the Pope many times, asking him for permission to undertake a journey to the Philippines to subdue the “disbelievers” (i.e. the Muslims) to the rule of the Cross. Finally, the Pope allowed him, and he undertook his journey of “scientific exploration”! When he attempted to raise the Cross on this land of Islam, the Muslims killed him! We teach our children that the “barbarians” killed him, because they did not realize the value of this great journey of scientific exploration!”

[‘Waqi’una al-Mu’asir’; p. 176]

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