‘Ata’ bin Yasar

‘Abdur-Rahman bin Zayd bin Aslam narrated:

“‘Ata’ and Sulayman (his brother) bin Yasar went to run an errand outside Madinah along with some companions of theirs. When they reached the outskirts of the city, they stopped at a house to rest. Sulayman and his companions went to see to some of their needs, and ‘Ata’ stayed in the house alone, praying. Suddenly, a beautiful bedouin woman entered upon him, so when ‘Ata’ saw her, he assumed that she needed something from him, so he sped up his prayer a little and then asked her: “Is there something you need?”

She answered: “Yes.”

He said: “And what is that?”

She replied: “Come and have your share of me, for I am filled with desire and I am without a spouse.”

So, he said to her: “Get away from me, and do not cause me to burn in the Fire along with you!”

She then continued to intice ‘Ata’ until he started weeping and repeating: “Woe be to you! Get away from me!” and his weeping intensified until the woman herself saw his weeping and the grief that was inside of him, so she herself began to weep because of his weeping. While they were both sitting and weeping, his brother Sulayman returned from seeing to his needs, and when he saw his brother ‘Ata’ weeping and the woman on the other side of the house weeping, he himself began to weep as a result of their weeping without asking them about anything. When the weeping intensified and grew louder, the woman got up and left the house.

Their companions, who were standing outside of the house, then got up and came in, and Sulayman remained after that without ever asking his brother about the woman out of respect for him, as he (Sulayman) was younger the younger of the two.

They then proceeded to Egypt to see to their errand, and they remained there as long as Allah Willed. One night, ‘Ata’ was sleeping and woke up crying, so Sulayman said to him: “Why are you crying, brother?” So, ‘Ata’s weeping intensified, and he said: “Because of a dream that I had tonight.” Sulayman asked him: “And what was it?”

‘Ata’ said: “Do not inform anyone of it as long as I am alive! I saw Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) in my dream, so I went to look at him along with others who were looking at him. So, when I saw his beauty, I wept. He then looked at me out of all the people and said: “Why are you weeping?” I replied: “May my father and mother be ransomed for you, O Prophet of Allah! I remembered the wife of al-‘Aziz and how you were tested with her, and what you experienced of imprisonment and separation from Ya’qub; I remembered all of this and wept and was amazed by it all.” So, he (Yusuf) said: “Will you not then be even more amazed by the one who was with the beautiful bedouin woman on the outskirts of the city but rejected her?” I realized to whom he was referring, so I wept and woke up weeping.”

At that point, Sulayman asked: “My brother, and what was the situation with this woman?” So, ‘Ata’ told him the story, and Sulayman did not tell anyone about it until ‘Ata’ had died, where he informed a woman of their family who later said: “And this story did not spread in Madinah except after the death of Sulayman bin Yasar.”

Ibn ‘Abi az-Zinad narrated:

“‘Ata’ bin Yasar used to fast every other day.”

‘Ata’ heard and narrated hadith from Ubayy bin Ka’b, Ibn Mas’ud, Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, and many other Companions of the Prophet.

He died in the year 103 (some say 94) after the Hijrah.

[‘Sifat as-Safwah’; 1/347-348]

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