“With it, He misguides many, and with it, he guides many…” [al-Baqarah; 26]

“Allah – the Exalted – unleashes tests and trials and allows them to run their course. They are absorbed by His servants, and each reacts to them in accordance with his nature and level of preparedness, and each reacts to them in accordance with the methodology and way of life that he has chosen for himself.

The tribulation is one, but it’s effect on the soul differs based on the methodology and path. For example:

  • Hardship overtakes all different types of souls. For the believer – the one who trusts in Allah and His Wisdom and Mercy – then this hardship increases him in his turning to Allah, his calling upon Him, and his humility before Him. As for the rebellious sinner (the fasiq), then it shakes him to the very core, and increases him in nothing but distance from Allah, and expells him from His rank.
  • Comfort and luxury can be presented to all different types of souls. For the pious believer, then this comfort and luxury increases him only in awareness, compassion, and gratitude. As for the fasiq or hypocrite, then he becomes overwhelmed with this bounty and luxury, and he becomes misguided as a result of this tribulation.

So, this is the parable that Allah strikes for the people: {“With it, He misguides many”} – those who do not properly receive that which comes to them from Allah, and {with it, he guides many”} – those who realize and understand the Wisdom of Allah, {“and He misguides with it only those who are rebellious.”} – those whose hearts have become hard and avoiding of guidance and truth, so their recompense is an increase of what they are already in!”

[‘Fi Dhilal al-Qur’an’; 1/51]

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