The Sunnah of Entering An Empty House

Abu Umamah narrated that the Messenger of Allah said:

“Each of the following three has a guarantee with Allah that if he lives, he is taken care of, and if he dies, he will enter Paradise: a) one who enters his house with a greeting of ‘Salam’ has this guarantee with Allah – the Mighty and Majestic, b) one who goes out to the mosque has this guarantee with Allah, and c) one who goes out in the Path of Allah has this guarantee with Allah.”

[‘Sahih al-Adab al-Mufrad’; # 832]

‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar said:

“If one enters a house while it is empty, then let him say: ‘Peace be upon us, and upon Allah’s righteous slaves.'” [as-Salamu ‘alayna wa ‘ala ‘ibadillah as-salihin]

[‘Sahih al-Adab al-Mufrad’; # 806]

Ibn Hajar said:

“The command to spread greetings of peace includes greetings one’s own self when one enters a place in which there is nobody else present, for Allah Said:

{“But when you enter the houses, greet one another (literally, greet yourselves)..”} [an-Nur; 61].”

[‘Fath al-Bari’; 11/22]

One Response to “The Sunnah of Entering An Empty House”

  1. Are these authentic Ahadeeth?

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