Remembering Death Leading to Inactivity

Q: I am a youth who was guided by Allah after my misguidance, and I suffer from a problem, and it is that I think a lot about death, and when I do so, I remain in bed, and I feel very lazy, and I feel intense fear. I am unable to actually do anything. What I fear is inactivity!

A: This is the opposite of what you should be doing, as this should provide you with strength and capacity to perform actions. This is strange, my brother – may Allah guide me and you! Does it make sense that the one who remembers death becomes lazy? Maybe the brother has other issues. However, I say that the Companions, when they remembered death, would rush to act and exert themselves for Allah. If you remember death, and remember that Allah will ask you about the prayer, then get up for it, and do not be lazy in doing so, and remember that before death reaches me, it is a must that I make the most of this time in obedience to Allah. So, I will exert myself in the obedience to Allah, and in learning, and in calling others to this Religion, or in commanding the good and forbidding the evil, and so on.

Indeed, the remembering of death should be a charging force for the believer, and it is from the greatest means of elevating the aspirations of the believer and causing his capacity and potential to rise day after day, as he remembers that he will eventually die, and therefore exerts himself in order that he meets Allah with the greatest reserve account of righteous actions.

Original Arabic

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