The Best Way to Deal With the Ignorant

“…And from the best ways of dealing with the ignorant is to ignore and avoid them. This is because if you debate with them, they beat you, and if you beat them, they will end up hating you and will not admit your being correct. Therefore, ignore them:

{“So, avoid those who turn away from Our Reminder…”} [an-Najm; 29]

{“…So, overlook their faults in a beautiful manner.”} [al-Hijr; 85]

Avoid them and do not debate them, because debating them puffs up their chests and increases their confidence, and ash-Shafi’i said: “I never debated an ignorant person except that he won, and I never debated a knowledgeable person except that I won.” This is because the ignorant one will deny even the presence of the Sun at noon, and will deny the presence of the Moon on a night when it is full!

So, watch the ignorant die if you avoid them, and be given life if you debate them. It might be that they come to their senses if you ignore them, and will realize their status if you are shown to be above debating and discussing with them – this is if you are sure that he is an ignorant follower of desires, not seeking to admit the truth, and not seeking to follow that which is certain…”

[‘at-Tarbiyah al-Jihadiyyah wal-Bina”; 1/301]

4 Responses to “The Best Way to Deal With the Ignorant”

  1. Umm Abdur Rahman Says:

    As Allaah ~Aza wa Jalla Says in His Noble Qur’an:
    * “And the slaves of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth in sedateness and humility, and when the foolish address them they reply with words by which they remain safe from sin.”

    * Translation of the meanings

  2. mashaALLAH… jazakallahu khair, i use to try to change the mind of those ignorant… but they are indeed finding their way tostick in their ass their wrong belief and to stay in their ignorancy… now ALLAHU ALAM how they finding their path.

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